Monday, February 1, 2016

Entrevistas, Cambios, & Camiones

So many things happened this week that I can´t really keep it all straight: #cuethebulletpoints

-We had interviews. It was my last one before the LAST one. It was kind of great...except President said he was going to split Hna Rhondeau up at changes. 

-We got lost on the bus again. This time coming back from StarMedica...we only ended up spending like two hours on the bus before we took a taxi home. #weandthebusesarenotfriends
Visiting the sick and afflicted
-Hermano Gonzalo got baptized....again! Backstory:
he got baptized as a teenager, his parents weren´t all that happy, they sent him away to be a priest, he preached in some christian churches, and finally made it back to the church....but we couldn´t find any record of his he got baptized again!
Baptism of Gonzalo
It was really a beautiful baptism, and it was so amazing to see him make it all the way full circle and be able to start over again as a member of the true church. 

-And we had changes.....and......

WE´RE STAYING TOGETHER! In Quintero! To finish our missions. Also we´re training. So we have a daughter...together....her name is Hna Leon and she´s from Ecuador. We are so excited and we literally just kept giggling about it all night long. And I now can testify that Heavenly Father does answer prayers and that President must really love us. 

hammock shopping with the bishop and his wife
As a start my very last change all I can say is, that I am so so happy to be here. In the mission. In Quintero. With Hna Rhondeau & Hna Leon. In the service of the Lord. 

working with the young women
Maria del Socorro

Everything is just so great. 

Love you all!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

we always end up twinning with the APs without planning it. and then everyone asks us if we planned it and it gets uncomfortable...

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