Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas, Ocho Principios, & SKYPE


This was a really great really busy week full of great things.

Giant Nativity
We had Ocho Prinicipios (training meetings) almost all day Wedesday and ALL day Thursday. They were really long, but also really good days. We started off the meetings Wednesday morning watching an elder running down the street chasing a bus...We were very confused until another elder got off the bus and started running towards him- the bus took off with his companion! haha And we ended the meetings with Presidente taking us out to ice cream on Christmas eve. #Ilovethatman

Speaking of Christmas: I love Christmas. We had a glorious day. Presidente and Hermana García invited us over, so we spent the day in the mission home. (!!!) We ate American food, sang Christmas songs around the piano, gleaned all the advice we could out of Pres. & Hna García, and skyped our families.

Shout out to my family: I love you people. 

After we dropped the other sisters off in their pueblo (#firsttimeI´veseenapueblo), dropped the assistants off in their area, and then went home. 

It was a great Christmas. 

Also, after Christmas we found this really great family. And we´re sure there are more like them out there. And we´re going to go find them. Because that is what Christmas (and the gospel) is all about; bringing hope and joy and a new beginning. 

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year!! I love you all!!

Nick Hartley´s Converts
¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Monday, December 21, 2015

La Navidad, Gemelas, & Otra Oportunidad


So it´s almost Christmas, and there´s a lot of things going on, so you´re all going to get a bullet point letter. 

-Everyone literally asks if we´re twins. I think we freak them out. It´s not often that you see two blue-eyed people walking down the street in Mérida.
-We got called angels by a street contact ("Pero...¿son terrenales?")
-We received our death letter.
The Death Letter....aka they told us we only have 2 changes left...
-We ate whole coconuts. 
-We listened to a lot of Christmas music. 
-I got a lot of blisters #thisshouldn´tkeephappening 
-I fell down once (I stepped off a curb)
-We got shots. #vacunas
-A man stopped us in the street to ask how he can join the Church...but he lives just outside our area. :( 

It was a really good week actually. I´m learning to love Quintero, and I really love Hna Rhondeau. (We´re still waiting for them to tell us it was a lie and to go back to our real companions) I am incredibly happy and even more happy because it is Christmas. 

And Christmas means family. And it means Christ. And it means hope. And it means a new beginning. Because through Him, we have the opportunity to start over again. To become who we were always meant to be. 


I love you all! Merry Christmas!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana  Wilson

Monday, December 14, 2015

Transfer ?? Santa Lucía 3

Best Things...
Worst Things...
-Leaving Santa Lucía
Things that are working for me...
-Depsite what everyone thinks, my crocs are still going strong. 
I wish I would have known...
Fun Facts about Mexico/This Mission...
-Apparently it´s cold 65 at night. 
I learned...

at the ADO 

Changes, Rosa Isela, & Malecón


So it actually happened...I got changed!! I´ve been sent back to Mérida with Han Rhondeau (My comp from the MTC!!!). Leaving Santa Lucía and all of the people I love there was SUPER hard, but I´ve also been praying to go with Hna Rhondeau for like the whole mission. #prayersdogetanswered

This, my last week in Campeche, was beautiful. It wasn´t perfect by any means but it was beautiful. We started out Tuesday going to the forts, and ended Sunday with the dedication of the Tijuana´s temple. In between:

-We had a baptism! Rosa Isela, the daughter of a less active member, got baptized. She was kind of nervous before but after she told us that she had been scared but that when they put her under the water that she just felt so good (even though they had to do it twice hah). She´s a doll.

Rosa Isela
-I got sick!! Just a nice little respiratory infection. The funny part was that the Dr. told me it´s because my body´s not used to the cold anymore... (We dropped to like 65 degrees in the night this last week #that´scoldincampeche) On the plus side, after some cough syrup, a few injections, and a blessing I am feeling much better. On the downside, I don´t know how I´m ever supposed to go home if my body is rejecting 65 degree weather.

-We had a zone missionary activity on the malecón! We went out in front of the Novia del Mar, put up a screen, watched Christmas videos #HaNacidoUnSalvador, sang carols, and contacted everyone in sight. It was beautiful and glorious and something I´ll never ever forget.

I may have left a big part of my heart in Campeche but I am so excited to get to work here in Mérida with Hna Rhondeau. There is much to do. I love you all!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

(Sorry for the lack of photos...this computer is sllllooooowwww)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Miracles, 5, & HNUS


Elder Relitz, Elder Wright, Elder Evan, Elder Calmes, Me, Hna Rhondeau

I saw two miracles this week:
1. Yuri a less active member who we have been visiting had cancer...and now she doesn´t. We´re not sure how it happened, but it is amazing and was the result of a lot of prayers and fasting.
2. Armando. He´s a less active member we found in like July. He got REALLY sick this last week and I honestly thought he was dying. But the whole ward got moving and started helping and now´s he´s doing so much better. And one of the families is going to take him to live with them! 

Armando. My miracle.
Okay three miracles, this week after not finding more than 1 new investigator last week, we found one day. I´m not entirely sure how it happened but I know that it wasn´t us who did it. This is the Lord´s work, and He prepares a way for it to happen. 

Also we had our Christmas party yesterday (hence I´m writing on Tuesday) and even though that meant we got up at 1amand got home at 11:30pm it was really awesome. Highlights:
-Presidente & Hna Garcia spoke
-Our Zone Leaders fell asleep while we sang silent night.
-Seeing the WHOLE mission. And knowing a lot more people than last year.

Love these guys.
Hna Hoggan & Hna Velasquez

My kids! (& Hna Hoggan!)
-Getting our generation together after almost 15 months
Our generation

And what I´ve thought about is that during Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ. Because without Him there would be no way to ever go back ot the presence of our Heavenly Father. Every mistake and every error would move us farther away from Him forever.

But Christ was born in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago. 

And He lives today.

And through Him we can start over. We can repent. Ane we can return to our Father in Heaven.

I love you all!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

I´m told I make this face a lot...