Monday, July 27, 2015

Angels, Fuertes, & Work

It´s a canon...
Querida familia, 

This was a good week. :) 

Last Monday we went on a tour of Campeche with a couple members, they took us to the forts (legit forts that were built to keep out pirates #howcoolisthat), we ate pizza, stopped at a mall (and I had US flashbacks haha)....and it was just a great day. I´m quite convinced that Campeche is the second most beautiful place on the planet. 

It was closed...
Pirate ship! I´m not even kidding...
And then the reality of missionary life started again. #butI´mokaywiththat

This week I thought a lot about Angels. 

But not the kind with wings and halos. #that´ssilly

-Like the kind who are people: like the members who bring chocolate cereal to the missionaries... or make us birthday dinners when we´re far from home (it was my comp´s birthday this week)...or the missionary who took time out of proselyting to go help a family smash bottles to recycle to be able to eat this the EFY counselor who isn´t going to graduate on time because she missed her final exam to be with the youth. 

-Like the kind who are us: I really love being able to be an "angel" for someone. Like for the less active member who we found this week who hadn´t been to church in more the 5 years because he has arthritis and can´t get around...or for the young couple who want their brand-new baby to grow up in a church...or for the non-member parents who want to know why their daughter left them to go serve a mission.

-Like the kind who are really angels. I´ve realized in the mission that there are seen and unseen forces working for both good and evil in this world. This really is the Lord´s work, and He sends angels to hold us up and push us forward when we just can´t Go anymore. I know they´re working here because I have felt them. I have said and done things that I never could have done without some serious heavenly help. I have seen miracles. 

Proof that I played sports
I have sat on the floor and held people as they´ve cried and tried to find the words that would help them put their life back together. And that is when I realize that what will help them will never come from me; it has to come from a lot higher up. Because really, what can I do? I am 19 with little real-life experience, I can never go where they are. 

But Christ went there. And He knows how to bring them out.

I love this gospel. It is the work of angels, and I love being able to be part of it. Love you all more than you know.

Giant hand...not so giant
¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Benito Juarez

It´s basically a castle....

cave...It´s a big hole in the ground really...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Transfer 7: Santa Lucia 4

Best Things...
-Santa Lucia loves missionaries. And they haven´t had sisters for a looonnnngg time. They REALLY love sister missionaries. 

Worst Things...
-Directions that are basically like ¨you´re gonna go straight until you see a´s a tall tree with leaves... and then you turn left and then right at the mangy-looking dog that´s always sitting in the corner..and it´s the third house made out of blocks. You can´t possibly get lost¨ -_- Yes, yes I can get lost. 

Things that are working for me...
-Luggage strap. I have two hands. And three suitcases. My luggage strap saved my life in transfers. 

I wish I would have known...
-It floods in Campeche...

-Hna Torres taught me how to make pupusas. I´m basically Guatamalan now. haha. 
-Pitaya: it´s a fruit...I´m not sure how you spell it, but it is delicious

Fun Facts about Mexico/This Mission...
-There are more people with light eyes here
-Campechanos are taller than Yucatecos
-Shopping is better in Campeche. Go to Centro... I liked Melody. (It´s a store)

-It´s cooler in Campeche but more humid
-Also there are hurricanes here...

-chancole: little woman
-box caualic: que dice: what do you say
-bixán: como estás: how are you
-xexek: your hair is crazy
-hasta sama: until tomorrow
-sucum: brother

I learned...
-How to open an area! 

Sunshine, Shadows, & Rain

Querida familia, 

This was a week full of sunshine and shadows and full out rain storms; and I mean that both literally and symbolically. 

First the sunshine:

-It was incredibly hot this week. I thought we were just about wrapping up the hot season, but it hit us with a bang this week. I got burnt..again. And have discovered that my thumbs have sun that happens I´m not quite sure.

-Hna Monse, a YSA in our ward who accompanies us a lot, got her mission call this week! She is going to serve in Chile with a special assignment to work as the mission nurse while she´s there too. She is going to be amazing, and watching her open her call reminded me of how I felt when I opened mine almost a year and a half ago; how incredibly honored and excited I was to serve the Lord in Mexico. #stillfeelthatway

-We watched Meet the Mormons for a ward mission activity. It was glorious. We had investigators and recent converts show up, we ate hot dogs, and I just love that movie. And I didn´t cry this time...even though they made me speak after about my experience as a missionary. #that´scalledcheating And again I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I am to be here and be a missionary. 

-Hno Angel got baptized! He has been listening to the missionaries off and on for a year and went from being a full-out alcoholic to a respectable single-dad just trying to do his best. The baptism was great and we even had sister missionaries from Temple Square present...through SKYPE. (hah They´ve been helping to teach Angel through and wanted to see the baptism) 
Elder Cadena, Hno Angel, Hna Mejía, Me

And now for the shadows:

-We had to quit teaching two of our investigators this week because they can´t progress. Jesus is 11 and needs his grandma´s permission to go to church and she won´t give it. His great-grandmother, Trinidad, was also listening to us, but she´s 97 and can´t go to church either by herself...It about broke my heart because Trinidad told us that she just feels so good when we visit, satisfied, and she likes how we explain the scriptures...And now we´re not going to be able to keep teaching her. 

-We had an intense talk with an investigator named Elias this week. He is not a member, but his wife and kids are (less-active) recent converts. They have sooo many problems, and Elias has a lot of anger towards God. He told us he´s never really been happy, and the only good things he´s had in his life God has taken away. I couldn´t do anything, but look him in the eye and testify of the Atonement, and in that moment it was completely real for me. I could understand some small part of what Christ did, and how he felt, because I could feel Elias´s sorrow and I just wanted to take it from him. I couldn´t take it, but I was able to tell him who can. 

I know my Savior lives. I know He suffered for every single one of us in that Garden, and that He did it for each one of us as individuals. I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ everything that is unfair in this life will be made right, and that in the meantime we can receive strength and comfort through Him.  And even when the trials come pouring down like rain, He is there to pick us up and lift us higher. 

Wishing you a week of sunshine with just enough shadows to appreciate it...

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Monday, July 13, 2015

Shhhhh no one tell my parents.

I tried to break my head....

No worries, I just walked into the corner of a roof... It just bled a little but no stiches. I think I have a mild concussion but you know how Mexican doctors are.

Shhhhh no one tell my parents. 

Pirates, Campeche, & True Love

Querida familia,

I wish I could write you a long lovely letter but... my companion wanted to write in the afternoon and then we ran out of time soo.... I have no time.


This week was actually really good. I kind of feel like I´m back in my training because Hna Mejía is just about done and likes to coach me. I´m learning a lot and we actually work really similar so I´m feeling good. 

I love these guys a lot... Bishop´s family! 
We went to Centro with the Bishop and his family today. (That´s why we´re late) And as a walked around I realized something: 

I love this city.

I really do. The colors, the stories of pirates, the ocean, the people who just love with all of their heart. It´s all just slowly taking it´s place here in my heart and I´m just trying to guard it all away so I can keep it forever. 

I´ve realized that time passes entirely too fast here in the mission; I´m not going to be able to do this forever.

But I entirely intend to take advantange of every second I have.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson
I finished my wall...
We had a RAT in our house...don't worry, I got it. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Meetings, Changes, & Santa Lucia

Zona Campeche With Elder Valenzuela
Okay sorry family but there were changes this week so this is going to be suuuppper short.

But I love ya!

This week we went to Mérida for a leadership conference. We left Monday night, and because Hna Torres had to go to immigration, we didn´t get back home until Wednesday afternoon.

Presidente & Hermana Garcia KILLLSS me to not be able to work in my area..

Also this was the week of meetings...a lot of them. But I learned a lot, and I really loved my Zone here.

Changes were today....and I´m staying in Santa Lucia! I´m actually really excited because I love the ward here. Hna Torres is no longer my companion though. I am with Hna Mejía, she is also from Guatemala and she finishes up her mission this transfer.

Santa Lucia
And.....that´s about all I have time for. Just know that I love you all and I KNOW I am where I´m supposed to be. 

There is no greater work than this. :) 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Hna Lupita