Monday, August 31, 2015

Manos, Mosquitos, & Minions


This week I got to leave the house!

And that automatically makes it better than last week. 

This was also a big dinner eating week.
-Hna Allen and I bought pizza Tuesday night. #prosofhavinganamericancomp
-Wednesday night a Hna Tere bought us tamales
-Hna Fatima bought us hamburgers Thursday
-Friday Hna Marina brought us arroz con leche
-And Saturday was leftover night. hahaha
(Just so you all know I´m being taken care of.)

So not to alarm anyone (mother....) but the mosquitos here are a plague...and they are literally spreading like three plagues: 
1. Dengue
2. Chikanguya (I have no idea how you actually spell that)
3. Sica (this one is new) 

BONUS You can have them all at the same time. Aren´t mosquitos fun?? 

Needless to say Hermana Allen and I now carry bug spray at all times and swat like mad every time we think a mosquito might be near us. 

Also it´s a great excuse to hit your companion. (As I found out when Hna Allen wacked me in the face the other day.) 

We went did visits with the young women this week to find some less actives and it was quite aweseome. We split up and I took 5 yound women from 13 to 17 with me. We were quite a sight; especially when we got on a bus and I started contacting and they were staring like I was ET. haha #teenagers 

The YW & I out working!! 
This week I felt like I saw the Hand of the Lord everywhere; from a less active letting us in when we had heard that she doesn´t accept visits from anyone, to showing up just after a recent convert had prayed and told Heavenly Father she just couldn´t do it anymore, to having your part member family show up to church for the first time... I know that this is His work and that He is very, very present. I have seen miracles.

And I am hoping for more. 

I love you all!!!!! 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Doctors, House Arrest, & Krispy Kreme

Hna Allen & I ¡Go team Oregon!
Hola Familia,

I would love to tell you all about all the work I did and all the gloriousness that we accomplished in this first week of the transfer...

But someone got sick.

That someone would be me.

And that meant we were on House Arrest ALLL WEEEKKK.


And so besides a quick trip to Mérida for a conference (& a doctor´s appointment) we didn´t do much of anything this week.

Actually that´s not true. We did a lot of things. It just wasn´t work. This is what we did: 
-Talked about Oregon
-Cleaned the house
-Reorganized our books
-Took naps
-Found a Krispy Kreme in Mérida on the way home from the doctor 
-Bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts (we just couldn´t pass it up)
Krispy Kreme #Ithinkmyfacesaysitall
-Went on divisions with Alameda because Hna Velzquez messed up her foot so we hung out while our able-bodied companions went to work
-Made a lot of sandwiches

It was a long week.

But if nothing else, I learned this week exactly how much I LOVE working. And going outside. And being healthy. 

I love being a missionary. Even if I´m on house arrest. And I am so excited to get to work this week! I love you all!! 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson
New Tag (Because on the other one the name of the church got rubbed off....I don´t know how it happened either...)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hills, Meetings, & Little Things (Letter from last week...)

This was a week of a lot of meetings, and not a lot of sleep.  :)

But that´s the best way to do things right?? 

After writing you all last Monday we went on another adventure with Hna Fatima in Centro. I learned several things: 
-there is incredible carrot cake here
-most of the catholic churches are around 500 years old
-Baby shark is pretty tasty

Then we went to Mérida, where I realized exactly how much Campeche how stolen my heart because Mérida doesn´t feel like MY city like Campeche does. But we did stay in Hna Mejía´s old area and I got to catch up with Hna Torres. :) Love her. We spent almost all day Tuesday in a meeting with Presidente in which I totes cried because that´s what I do when the Spirit is strong. 


I love them!
In between the other two meeting we had this week and exchanges (more on that later) I didn´t get a whole lot of time in my area, but what I realized is that it´s the little things that count. Like going to visit investigators who send you home with oreos because ALL the gringos love oreos. #racistbuttrue Or like running out of back-up plans and going to visit a member and having the best lesson of the day. Or having your investigator tell you they finally got their answer.

Those are the best things. :) 

And about those exchanges, I went to Alameda to work with Hna Velasquez and let me tell you, there are a LOT of hills in her area. We went running in the morning and by the middle of the day my legs were legit shaking from the hills and stairs and the running. haha I´m so out of shape......but let me tell you, it is so worth it to see Campeche from the top of the hills. And to work with Hna Velasquez. She´s from Pocatello. And I love her.

And it is so so so worth it to be a missionary. I love my job. And I love you all. 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Flood, Death, & Ridiculousness


So I didn´t die last week...I just forgot to hit send..Woops. 

My area legit flooded three times this week. THREE TIMES. And that meant that the power went out in most of area almost every night this week...and all our investigators went to stay in other areas...  -_-

At one point it started to rain, and we ducked under cover just to realize it was a liquor store...

We found other cover. haha. 

Sisters in Campeche!
Sometimes I just have to tell you that the most ridiculous things happen in the mission. For example:

-I got a mosquito bite on the bottom of my foot
-An investigator told us he couldn´t have his lesson because his dog has a cough
-A drunk in the street asked me if I speak maya...nope.
-A lady in a store asked a member if I was her daughter...and said we look alike #nowedonot #salespersonlie

We can´t take normal pictures...
My companion died (mission death - no one freak out) this week. It was weird to hear her talk about going home and all that jazz (and to know Allie and Spencer got home this week) but as for me, I am completely content to keep my tag on. :) 

Noche de Hogar de los muertos
There is so much work to do, and so little time. And I am here to work.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

PS: Changes were today. I am staying in Santa Lucia (surprise!) with Hna Allen!! She is from Redmond, Oregon. Woo for Oregonions in Campeche!! 

Stake Missionary Activity

Transfer 8: Santa Lucia 4

Best Things...
-Root beer....and a ward that loves us! 

Worst Things...
-Killing a companion #TRUNKY

Things that are working for me...

I wish I would have known...
-Mascara is crazy expensive. Bring a lot. 

-The tradicional thing here is Pan de Cazón...which is baby shark. Woo 

Fun Facts about Mexico/This Mission...
-No EFY music

-It might be hotter....I thought April was hot..haha

-tux cabin: adonde vas
-wi hen: tengo hambre
-co´ox hana: vamos a comer
-co´ox wenée: vamos a dormir
-chilén: acuestete a dormir

I learned...
-How to "kill" a missionary

Monday, August 10, 2015


Frozen hot chocolate


Pdte y Hna Garcia


Bus rides to Campeche


Monday, August 3, 2015

Incepcion, Divisions, & Degrees


First of all I need to announce something: last week I wrote in my letter that I was 19. As my mother so kindly reminded me, I am in fact 20 (almost 21). #that´sembarrassing 

Just so everyone´s aware. 

Anyway... It´s officially the rainy season here in Campeche, and after a really hot week of my comp praying for it to rain on rained.

More rain... with Hna Sarai
And I´ve become one of those missionaries who walks around proselyting in the rain. Not going to lie, I love to see people´s faces as we walk past in the pouring rain. They legit think we´re crazy (because when it rains here it RAINS), but it´s all good until someone actually lets us in their house and we drip on their floors. 

Rain. This is called being a legit missionary. (If you can´t tell, we´re soaking wet.)
This week we also had the Incepcion version of divisions. I was on divisions with Hna Ellgen when they called us up and said the hermanas in Sascalum had no food because Hna Silva had Chikangua (I have nooooo idea how you spell that) and couldn´t leave the house and so we went there and got them food. And then went on divisions during the divisions (ooo..Incepcion...) because Hna Vega had an interview in the chapel with President and Hna Silva couldn´t leave her hammock. So I went with her to do that then finally were on our way to back to my area just in time for the Zone leaders to call and tell us we needed to go to the church for a meeting. -_-

Then Hna Ellgen asked if my days were always like this.... #no

But after all that craziness, we actually had a really good week. We found people to teach, we have an investigator progressing, I only caught one lizard in the bathroom...

It was a good week. :) 

And this is what I am learning: that life is a game of degrees. Satan doesn´t tempt up us with big leaps into sin, he tries to talk us into lowering our standards just a little bit at a time...until eventually we´re in a lot of trouble. (Go read Alma 47) On the other hand, the best people I know, the really truely good people are that way because the do the little things without fail even when no one is watching. I´ve come to understand that it is the little things we do, not necesarily the big things, that determine who we really are and who we will become. 

Studying like a champ.... #don´tjudgemyartskills and #don´tgodown!
And I just want to be good. 

I love you all! And I Love, Love, Love being a missionary.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

My ward loves me. #rootbeerinMexico

GIANT Tamales with a the Gamboa Family