Monday, June 30, 2014

Scripture Marking

I've heard lots of opinions on getting new scriptures before your mission.
Some people think you shouldn't get new ones, others think it's a good idea....
I'm not sure either way on that one. 
I got new scriptures last Christmas so I kind of have the best of both worlds
They don't have all my scribbles from when I was 9, but I have had time to mark them.

When I got these I knew I was planning on going on a mission, so I tried to come up with a marking system that would be helpful while preparing for and serving a mission. 
I looked through a lot of different scripture marking methods and eventually I just came up with something that worked for me.

This is the front cover of my quad. I put little notes to myself in here.
I wrote some down when I didn't have a journal handy,
and others I just like to look at every time I open my scriptures.

These cards are the key to my color coding system, it seems really complicated but it's actually not.

I have 14 highlight colors that all correspond with a different topic. (I got a list of topics and corresponding scriptures in a Mission Prep class.) Some verses have several principles in them and are highlighted with two or three colors.
Then I have colors that correspond with all the Young Women Values and Scripture Mastery scriptures that I use to circle the verse numbers.

This is what my pages end up looking like:

Here's an example:
This is 2 Nephi 32:3

It's a Choice & Accountability scripture so it's circled in orange, it's also a Virtue scripture so it has a pink (half) circle too, and finally it's a Scripture Mastery Scripture so it has another (half) circle in brown. The contents of the verse refer to the Holy Ghost so it's highlighted in dark pink which corresponds with 'Ways the Holy Ghost Can Influence Us'

The other thing I like to use in my scriptures are mini sticky-notes.
I write quotes, definitions, and teaching helps on them.

I keep my sticky-notes in the back cover of my scriptures. I usually have about 10-15 of each color stuck in the back and put more in when I run out. (I've also heard that these are helpful to write scriptures/appointment times/etc. on to leave with your investigators so they don't forget.)

I also keep a list of important topics (Christ, the Atonement, Baptism, etc.) on an index card in the back too. Eventually I want to have these references memorized but until then I have a cheat sheet if I need a quick scripture.

Well, that's it. It's kind of a unique system but it works for me! :) 

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  1. I've been trying to figure out how I want to mark my scriptures, and this is so helpful! I love the sticky note idea. I'm glad I found your blog. :)