Monday, January 25, 2016

Frio, Panuchos, & Hoy


We had a worldwide conference. It was pretty awesome. Also after seeing state-side missionaries I realize why I was sent to Mexico.  #IloveMexico

It´s been bizarely cold here. I´M FREEZING! I´m sure it´s not much farther below like 60 at night but with the humidity it is literally so cold. We´ve gone to extreme measures to keep warm. Like: sleep in our little spare room instead of the big room where we normally sleep, putting on two or three pairs of socks on before bed, spending about an hour in the morning heating up water on the stove so we can shower...The struggle is real people. I am not made for the cold. 

Emergency Sleeping Arrangements
We met a guy named Luis Chan Dzul this week. (For those of you who don´t speak mayan that is Luis Little Gentleman). He can´t read. And he´s never been to any church before. And we actually were trying to find this other person. But we taught him on Saturday in a little fruit stand outside of the Baseball Stadium, and he said he wants to get baptized. And he came to church Sunday. 

And that is when I realize how beautiful the mission is. How all these little coincidence accidents happen, and it all comes together in this master plan

Saturday night the Bishop invited us over for panuchos. (He has a not-so-secret goal to send us back home fat.) And after sharing hilarious, moving, touching, motivating stories from his mission he gave us some advice. 

La única cosa importante es lo que usted hace hoy. The only important thing is what you do today.

It doesn´t matter what we´ve done in the past, that won´t save us. Serving a mission doesn´t do anyone any good if you go inactive or stop progressing after. You can´t live in the past. We must make every day better than the last and make what we do TODAY count. 

I love you all!! 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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