Monday, February 15, 2016

Juan, Flavian, & Alejandra

Zone Activity

I have no time this week...soooo you´re getting a bullet point letter....again. (Love you all, I´m so sorry....haha)

They know me. (Hamburger with chile)
-we helped a man named Juan with his family history. With two birth certificates we found over 50 ordinances to do. He was so excited, and so were we. 
-we had a baptism...we had never really met her. The elders had taught her in a different ward and then called us up this week to tell her she was ready. #easiestbaptismever 
-we met a guy at lunch Saturday. His name is Flavian. He speaks  3 languages. He showed up all by himself at church Sunday.
-now the kitchen sink is leaking -_-

The Bishop with the Flower we gave him yesterday.
I studied Laman & Lemuel this week. I think their problem is that they let the circumstances determine their faith, their humility, and their obedience. Nephi was always constant and that´s why he turned out the way he is. Our faith needs to be steadfast in spite of whatever might come. 

Intercambios with Industrial (Hna Martinez & Hna Masson)
I love you! I am so happy. 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson
Happy Birthday to the best dad ever! #you´resoold ;) 

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