Monday, February 22, 2016

Tixkokob, Barbies, & Love


We had a good week, but one that I would like to call a ´´learning week´´. But it was at least interesting:
Hna Leon
We decided missionary work is like dating prep. We hear things like.
-this just isn´t working out for me
-it would just be better if you don´t come back
-here are the things you gave me
-it´s not you´s me
On the plus side, we´re learing lots. 

We went to Tixkokob. (It´s a pueblo) Also...we got lost going to Tixkokob (we went to the wrong plaza to take the bus and then we couldn´t find a bus....) We only showed up an hour and half late though so.... #winning

We got called Barbies...again. #IamsooonotaBarbie

Flaviano came to church again. And then gave us a reference of someone who also wants to be a member of our church (he refered to it as our church). I kind of just love our investigators. 

Also Hna Leon
I studied love this week. (Everyone: go read the Love of God by President Uchtdorf) And I realized why I am so happy. The love of good things brings us joy, just as the love of bad things brings us misery. And as Pres. Uchtdorf says, the greatest of all good things is God. And being able to labor in His work has brought me the best of all joys. 

Because this is true. And it makes me so happy.

I love you all!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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