Monday, May 25, 2015

JWs, Change, & Elder Bednar

Dear Everyone,

I would love to write you a big long letter about everything happened this week but I have exactly 0 time, so here are the highlights: 

-I ran into a Jehovah´s Witness from Eugene, Oregon in Centro this week. #IamaJWmagnet

-I spent TWO days in Franciso de Montejo this week with Hna Huerta....she is the hija of my MTC comp Hna Rhondeau....and she one of my favorite people here so...good two days.

-ELDER BEDNAR CAME! And it was the best think ever. He didn´t really give a talk it was more of a question and answer thing for three hours. And it was like the best thing ever...minus they put us in height order to take the picture so I ended up  waaayyy in the back for all of it... I´m tall in Mexico (my comp was literally in the very front row. #shortpeopleperks) 

Elder Bednar #NBD (I´m on the far left...) 

-And changes were today and..........I´M IN CAMPECHE! Which is another state in my mission. And I will be with Hna Torres for another change, we´re opening an area, and we will be the sister training leaders here.

Phew... It´s a lot of changes but I´m so excited to be here (I´ve wanted to go to Campeche for all of my mission) and I will be in Barrio Santa Lucia and I´ve heard my area is full of hills..... :) 

I love you all!! I´m so excited to be here in the mission, and I´m so excited to see what´s in store here in Santa Lucia. It´s a great day to be a missionary!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Monday, May 18, 2015

Eight, Rollercoasters, & Progress

Happy Birthday Mama!!! (Told you I´d send photos.) 
My dearest people,

Sometimes it´s an emotional rollercoaster to be a missionary. For example: 

-one day your investigator tells you that he heard a voice tell him that he needs to obey God and do the right things...and the next day you show up for your appointment and he´s not there, but then you find him around the corner drinking with his buddies

Guess who bought plastic shoes and tore her feet up this week....haha Don´t worry it looked worst than it felt. Makes for good pictures though.  
-one day your investigator who happens to live directly in front of the church tells you he can´t possibly go to church because he has a long-standing commitment with a friend who he owes money to...and then Sunday he shows up for church on his own after not teaching him for a week

-one day you have 11 apointments set up for the day....and then 9 fall through.....but then you have a lesson with a future missionary that reminds you exactly why you came out on the mission

Also, between emotional problems and low numbers I spent two back to back days in divisions in other areas this week. (Hah it was my turn to leave now that Hna Torres knows the area.) And let me just tell you, I learned some things.

1. We have a really nice house in Chuburná...cockroaches and all.
2. My hammock is more comfortable than other peoples´ hammocks.
3, Even when girls are missionaries there is still girl drama. -_-

But I also realized exactly how much I´ve grown here in the mission. I went back to the house that I went to the first time I had divisions with Hna Castro my first cambio here in the mission, and it was so weird to be there but in a completely different role. The first time I was a greenie following around my sister training leader and this time I was the sister training leader evaluating the area. It made me think about all the things that have changed these last 8 months (yes, I hit 8 months this week!!); I´m not scared to talk to people, things that used to frustrate me or make me mad I let roll off a lot easier, I´m learning to control my tongue, and even when they frustrate me to death; I really really love these people. The investigators, missionaries, everybody. 

It´s a weird feeling to be full of this much love. 

So even though the days sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, I´ve learned that it always always always ends on an upswing. Life here in the Yucatan is simple and beautiful (and hot). 

And I love it a lot. (hah that rhymed....)

I love you all! And I love being able to be a representative for my Savior here in Chuburná.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mamas, Madrecitas, & Mom

[PREFACE: Mom- I´m totally going to take cute pictures to send for your birthday like I did for Dad, but I didn´t do my hair today so it´ll have to be next week. But I promise I didn´t forget your birthday!]

Querida Familia, 

This was just one of those weeks that I can´t remember what exaclty happened but I´m happy so I´m sure it was good stuff. The highlights: 

My recent convert Carlos is taking a bible course from this non-denominational group and showed us his textbook. I happened to come across the lesson entitled "False Doctrine" followed by a cartoon of LDS missionaries (and Jehovah´s Witnesses).... -_-  Chispas. We then had a lesson entitled "There are a lot of lies in this book". 

We also had TWO intercambios this week (poor Hermana Torres has been living out of her travel bag because she doesn´t know the area well enough to work here by herself). I got to work with Hna Alves and Hna Díaz. With Hna Alves we got hit on a number of times by older gentlemen... -_-... and with Hna Díaz we happened to find a Buddist. How that happens in Mexico I will never know. 

We had a ward party for mother´s day...everyone dances here...It´s really weird. haha

Hna Torres y Yo....I was so fried that day.
Hna Torres told me that in Guatamala they call marshmellos roasted marshmellos are angelitos asados.....hehehe. 

Sunday we had two (2.5 if you count the five year old who came with his mom) investigators in the church! And all (7, but who´s counting) of my converts were there. It made me so happy to look around at all the faces of people that I love who are making changes in their lives and becoming new people through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It´s a beautiful thing. 

I´m to the point now that random people in the street say "Buenas tardes Hna Wilson". I´m a fixture here in Chuburná. 

So even though I forgot to tell my mother happy mother´s day.... #woops....It was such a great day. My family is beautiful, technology worked in our favor (#thatneverhappens), and it was so good to talk to you all (even if I can´t really speak english). You all look so happy and beautiful and the same...haha it´s good to know that in a small corner of the world Nyssa, Oregon never really changes. Minus your hair...Hannah is more blonde, Mom cut her hair, and I´m pretty sure Dad has even less than he did before (just kidding, I love you, keep sending me packages please). 

Feliz Día Madrecitas
What I´ve come to realize here is that being happy is a decision. We can be sad, tired, discouraged, or whatnot... or we can be happy, exicted, and hopeful. And it is entirely how we decide to see the world. Yes, this is a period of trials and probation, but if we want to be happy, there are an infinite number of beautiful, joyous things in this world. "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have JOY." 

I love you all. I love being a missionary. I love Mexico. And I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father.

¡Vale la pena! 

Hermana Wilson
Mother´s Day Flowers #selfie

Monday, May 4, 2015

Churros, Chances, & Carlos


First of all, it was only like in the mid-80s for most of the week, and it seriously made my life. Do you know how nice it is to not be actively sweating all day long?? It was awesome....but I´m told the heat will be returning promptly. #woo

Second of all, we had traingings and interviews with Presidente this week. He´s literally such a powerhouse but also hilarious all at the same time. I love him.

This week Hna Torres and I got to go the JAS (YSA) conference that was on the beach and give a mission prep class with the assistentes and Hna Garcia and it was amazing! I got to see the ocean for the first time since I´ve been here (family-take note, we´re back there some day), and talk to a bunch of youth about why they should repent and go on a mission. Also Hna Garcia got us Costco food after. For the record, Costco is exactly the same here as in the states. #chickenbakeandachurro

And as I was giving these presentations I realized that Heavenly Father has been preparing me for this. I´ve "missed out on" a few experieces in my life; things that at the time I thought really I wanted but that I didn´t get. But I didn´t get to do those things because Heavenly Father had a different plan in mind. He knew that there was a better way for me to use my talents. And here I am, in Mexico, giving presentations and trainings (in Spanish, mind you); things that I didn´t even think of doing when I turned my papers in. And I am living it. Every single minute that I get here in the mission. 

Like when Carlos got baptized this week. He´s been baptized three times in other churches but has finally found the truth and acted upon it.Or Miguel, my recent convert who told us that he just feels different now. Better. 

Photo: Carlos´s baptism w/ Hna Torres and Hna Castro

Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of us. And it is so so so much better than anything we could have come up with on our own. Because He is perfect and He wants us to be happy and He knows exactly what we need to do to be able to be happy. And if we follow Him, and let Him guide our lives; He will make of us what we could never make of ourselves. 

I love my Heavenly Father. I love being a missionary. And I love you all.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson