Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving, Diligence, & Moving Forward


Happy Thanksgiving! I did nothing special except tell my comp ¨Happy Thanskgiving´´...and then she looked at me all confused and stuff.. #MexicoProbs But I am grateful for so many things. I´m a missionary. I´m in Campeche in an area I love. It´s not cold. The people give me chile with every meal. 

I´m pretty much set. :)
This week, I practiced my diligence. We´re working hard, but we haven´t had a lot of success. And when that happens, there´s nothing to do but be diligent.

Diligence is little things:
-like getting up at 6:20 every day when all you want to do is stay in the hammock
-visiting every single one of your recent converts just to make sure they´re doing okay
-going from the plan to the back-up plan, to the back-up plan of the back-up plan...
-diligence is moving forward with faith even when you´re not sure what to do next

You can kind of see my machete callous here...
Diligence is the things no one notices, but it makes all the difference. 

I love you all! And I love this work. I think it´s the hardest thing I´ve ever done, but it´s also the best. 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

We´re pirates...haha

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