Monday, November 16, 2015

Rescue, Plan Z, & Week 1


This first week of transfers was full of adventures ranging from cockroaches to fowl play to rain storms...

We found a baby duck (or baby one is quite sure) in the parking lot of the stake center. And my comp being the tree-hugging, animal-lover that she is insisted that we catch it, and so, with some help from the elders (and the poor thing running in fear from Elder Flores) we caught it, named it Patricio Martín Wilson Romero, and then gave it to a young woman that was there for an interview.

My compi with Patricio Martín Wilson Romero
Her mother is going to love us. 

But we saved it from certain death....or that´s what Hna Romero says at least.

This Sunday was a little different, since it was ward conference and we were in the stake center and we started at 12 (they´re remodeling our chapel)...Conference was good, this year I got the memo about the choir dress requirements and wasn´t the black sheep, so that was a step up. They also made me sing a solo. With only a day´s notice.
Ward Conference! 

Hna Romero & I #matchingskirts
I was not amused. -_- 

All in all, this week a lot of our plans didn´t work out...we got caught in the rain (again), people weren´t there for their appointments, thinks came up that we didn´t plan on...but in that moment that I hit the end of my rope. When we´ve gone from plan A to B to L, and we just don´t have anything left, that is when Heavenly Father steps in. He lets us work, He lets us come up with our own plans, He even lets us fail momentarily.But when our own isn´t enough, He makes up the difference. Miracles happen.

And everything works out in the end.

I love you all! I love Campeche. I love these Campechanos. I love my Heavenly Father.

Mission feet #hammocklife
¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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