Monday, November 2, 2015

Flash, Dash, & Machete


So today is going to be a fly by email because we had four hours of family history training in the morning (I´m offically certified now´s only taken like a 9 months)...and we´re going to Mérida for a surprise meeting with President tomorrow! And I also have to go take pictures for immigration; because I´ve been in Mexico for a whole year! (When I told my comp that she asked how I survived...)

So basically I have no time. 

This week: 
-It was Halloween. Almost no one celebrates it here. I did pass out the spider rings you sent me Mom. #gringoholidays
-Carolina, our not-investigator-investigator (we taught her but she technically belongs to the elders), got baptized! It was one of the most interesting and memorable baptisms ever, and I have no pictures because she didn´t want to take any. 
-We did service! Which means I got to use a machete! Not to brag or anything but I totally have a machete blister now.

I´m pretty sure other things happened but I´m just about out of time. And this computer is not my friend so there will not be any pictures this week... :( Sorry! Just know I´m happy and healthy and loving life here in Mexico. 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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