Monday, November 23, 2015

Toad, Pyscology, & el Momento Preciso

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOAD! I can´t believe my baby brother is turning 10. Who gave him permission to hit double digits??? 


This week started with a very dramatic, traumatic zone meeting:

The zone leaders threw away all of our former investigators´ records....Which was some kind of pyscological cleanse that was supposed to help us work better....quien sabe por que...

Anyway, after getting rid of like 5 pounds of paper, we got to work. And we actually had a really good week. We found some really great, prepared people who needed us in the exact moment that we should up. I love to see Heavenly Father´s hand in our work. He makes things happen that I wouldn´t even have known to hope for. Like finding a part member family from Tabasco who just moved to the area, and then ALL of them going to church Sunday. Or connecting your depressed less active sister who needs work with your sick less active member who needs help in the house.

This is the second time she´s broke that mirror... #49yearsofbadluck
And Armida is leaving this week!! She´s headed out to her Pachuca (I think that´s the name...I always mess it up), and I lose another great companion here in Santa Lucía. #she´sgoingtoabetterplace. I´m so proud of all these missionaries that are heading out of this ward. 

Also we went machete-weeding again. I´m getting better, I´m never weeding by hand again. Also I killed like 50 million spiders because they were living in the weeds and apparently my compi doesn´t like to see them running around by her feet. #whoknew

I love you all!! 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

This is going on our Christmas card.

Caesar salad!

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