Monday, April 27, 2015

Responsabilities, Privelges, & The Reason I´m Still in Chuburná

Dear People, 

 We had zone trainings every morning this week, so we had a little different of a week. Also it was different because for the first time I had to GIVE some of the trainings (Hi, I´m still a mission-baby, are we sure this is a good idea??) Hah I may have accidentally started speaking in english at one point, but it all turned out okay, and I enjoy being able to teach the other missionaries. 

Including intercambios. I´ve decided I love them. I got to work with Hna Barraza this week. She´s a sweetheart, and I think we all need to be more like her. She has a way of helping people realize that they really matter, that they´re important. LOVE HER.

Also, Hna Torres and I got to go help out with a primary activity in Centro with Presidente, and Hermana Garcia and the assistants. The activity was called ¡Niños a la mision! and for our part of the activity Hna Torres and I taught them about our schedule, being obedient, how to handle stress (we totally did relaxation exercises with 60 children), how to prepare spiritually for a mission, and how to avoid big sins. And let me just tell was a blast. #capacitadoraprivelegios

I love children. Why can´t we teach herds of kids all the time??? Also, Presidente talked to the kids about how they need to go on a mission and then come home and get married as soon as possible....

To quote Hna Torres, "¿Hay calor verdad?" 

Hna Torres, Yo, Hna Manning, Hna Gutierrez, Hna Garcia, Presidente Garcia
I learned last night why I´m still in Chuburná. Hna Elizabeth, my favorite reformed less active, told us that before cambios she was praying (a lot!!) that I wouldn´t get changed ("No llevas mi gûerita").

It´s pretty evidente that she has a lot of faith (almost seven months worth). haha. I love her. 

So what I keep realizing in my mission is that the gospel really is the answer. The pure, simple, basic doctrine. We´re not converting people to the side-affects of the gosple, we´re inviting them to come unto Christ and be CHANGED. That is what conversion is, a complete change, of desires, hopes, actions, everything. And I know that I have a long way to go, but that is what I want. I want to want those things that my Heavenly Father wants. I want to lose myself so completely that His Will becomes my will. 

Because that´s when the miracles come. And that is true joy. I love being a mission. I love you all. I love my Savior.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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