Monday, April 13, 2015

Transfer 5: Chuburná 2

Best Things...
-I hit 6 months! And still feel like a mission baby. haha. 
-Having people argue with you about Joseph Smith, teaching the First Vision, and then they don´t say anything else. :) #winning

Worst Things...
-Sweat. Waking up sweating. Going to sleep sweating. Sweat in your eyeballs. Sweat. 
-I got bit by a dog! Luckily it wasn´t bad. 
-Shopping as a missionary. Why is it so much work to find modest, cheap, shirts that don´t boil me alive???

Things that are working for me...
-Slides. All of my comps have flip-flops for shower shoes and they all break really fast.

I wish I would have known...
-Find images/demonstrations/visuals/teaching tools stuff. Sometimes people really just don´t get a concept so I have to explain 5 billion ways. And visual things always work out better. 

-I finally tried a marquesita which is kind of like a crepe only they put this cheese in it and deep fry it. :) 
-I ate a fish eye!! 

Fun Facts about Mexico...
-We went shopping, and there are a surprising number of modest swimsuits here. So I would say if you´re coming here on vacation buy a suit here...Not that that helps much for missionaries...hah.

-It´s hot. And it´s still only spring.
-It´s a lot more humid at night. So even though it´s not as hot I still feel sticky.

-p´o a nook: laundry (I think.....) 
-papa: comida
-zules: de los caballeros
(papazules is a type of food) 
-ab: ser (to be)
-may: the correct way to live; justice, integrity, and peace

I learned...
-So very many things...haha. 
-How to love an hija
.How to avoid the drunks
-How to really be patient.

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