Monday, April 13, 2015

Cambios, Heuvos, & Intrepidez

Querida Familia,

Oh what a week. It was Semana 6! I don´t know how the time is passing so quickly, but it is flying. A lot of things happened this week actually:

We had an Easter Egg Hunt! And it was the bomb!! haha The members were all a little skeptical at first, but they came around pretty quick. I knew they liked it when they came back with like 20 eggs after we told them they could only find 5 apiece. Now I´m just hoping that they found all of them because we could´t count them after because everyone started to eat them... haha Also, if anyone can tell me why the Easter Bunny brings eggs that would be great because I could not explain it to the people here...haha

For the record, it is a lot of work to cook 120 eggs. Also I recommend spoons and not fingers to remove eggs from nearly boiling water. #don´taskmehowIlearnedthat

After, the ward had a little farewell for H´ Ludlam. She finished her mission this transfer and is headed home this week!!! 

I´m an orphan.

Haha but seriously, I just got to Mexico like 2 days ago and she had like 6 months left, and now she´s leaving. It´s madness I tell you.
Family Photo
Mi hija
We had a stake activity with the youth this week (it was a like a day-in-the-mission thing) and so at one point we had 7 youth in a lesson with us. Haha poderoso. You can bet Carlos learned his commandments from them. :) 

Cambios were today! Or as I like to call them, stay-the-sames. Yep, I will be in Chuburná 2 for at least one more cambio. Haha who would have thought I would be in the same area for Christmas and Mother´s day? haha My companion is Hermana Torres. She´s from Guatemala, has 10 months in the mission, is one of the smallest people I know, and we´re going to be the sister training leaders for our zone.....

Yo & Hermana Torres. Told you she was tiny.
...I don´t know what Presidente and los asistentes were thinking either....

Anyway, same area but new adventure. I´m excited to get to work with the other hermanas and continue learning and growing as a missionary. It´s pretty funny that I´m staying because the whole ward basically sent me off yesterday…

Still here. :)

And I am really excited to be here. There´s a lot of potencial in this area. We just have to find it. :) 

Presidente has talked a lot lately about being BOLD. That we have an important message and so even if people are sleeping or eating that we need to insist on teaching them. And as awkward and uncomfortable as it can be it is SO true. I don´t want to show up at judgment day and have a group of people ask me why I didn´t insist on telling them the truth. And so that´s what I´ve decided to do. 

Hna Delfina, 70 years old and the best missionary out there
I can´t make up their minds for them, but I can tell them the truth. And the best part is, something miraculous happens when we do that. They may not accept what we´re telling them, but they can feel that it is true. And they can´t argue with it. 

I know that this gospel is the truth. I know it´s the only way to find true happiness and direction in this life. I know my Savior lives and that this is His Church. 

I love you all. I love being a missionary. 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson
Lace suburn...I promise I used sunscreen.
Hermana Castro accidentally hit me with a branch...that had spines...

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