Monday, April 6, 2015

Canas, Semana Santa, & Conferencia

Buenas Tardes,

So it was Semana Santa, or Holy Week here in Merida. Fun fact, the members here don´t really celebrate Easter because the catholics REALLY celebrate Easter. Which led to all kinds of adventures this week, the highlights:

-Hermana Castro has found like 3 gray hairs. I told her it´s from the stress of having a daughter. Hah. But really, her training ends this week and I´m kinda sad about it. Also I´m kind of sad about having gray hairs. 

-Tracking down a reference in the more sketchy part of our area Friday afternoon, we passed some drunks in the street, didn´t feel comfortable and turned down a side street to get away from the them...and ran into another group of drunks who proceeded to call after us and started to follow us. So we turned down another street to get away (Hna Castro saying "Corra, corra" every five seconds), and ran into the Via cruces, which is where they reenact the processional to Calvary, so we turned down another street to avoid that, and ended up all the way at the limit of our area.

Lesson learned: don´t go to Felipe Carrillo Puerto on a holiday. 

-Friday was interesting because all of our investigators were either drunk or in Church. hah. It makes life difficult for a missionary. 

-But can we talk about CONFERENCE! And how much I loved it?! And how excited I am about the gospel. How amazing it is that we have prophets in our day to lead us in this troubled world. I hope you all had the chance to listen because it was the BOMB. Of course, that may have been because all the talks were written for me, but I´m sure you can learn something too. 

-Sunday in between sessions we ate with the Araujo Family (who we baptized in January), and it made me incredibly happy to sit at their table outside their house and just enjoy this family on its way to eternity. It was incredible to see the traces of their former life in their home, but here them talk about Priesthood and prophets and conference and how much the gospel has changed their lives. It doesn´t get much better than that. 

Hna Chamorro y Yo
Also they fed us fish that was amazing, Oh, and I totes ate its eyeball.

Hermano Dionisio frying us some fish. :) 
Me with my fish. It was like the best thing ever.
Fish. It was delicious. I ate that whole thing.
Because that´s what they do in the Yucatan. :) 

Happy Easter everyone. I am so very very grateful for the sacrifice of my Savior so that I can live with my Heavenly Father in an eternal family someday. And never, ever forget that He lives. Even now. And that if we look for Him, He can be PRESENT and ACTIVE in our lives.

I love you all. I love my Savior. And I love the children of God I get to serve here in Chuburná. 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Familia Araujo & Las Misioneras

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