Monday, December 8, 2014

Navidad, Panuchos, & Él es la Dádiva

¡Hola from Chuburná!
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The calle I live in.  The kids play soccer every night.
Yes, you heard right, last night was transfers but I am staying in Chuburná with my mom! Hah we were so excited when we found out; normally you stay with your trainer for two cambios but Presidente doesn´t always work that way so I was a bit nervous before. Especially because I feel like we finally got the ball rolling this week. We found several new investigators, including a little family that is just awesome. And....

...drum roll please....

WE HAD SIX INVESTIGATORS IN THE CAPILLA!!! It´s a miracle considering we´ve had a grand total of one eleven year old in all the rest of the weeks combined. It made me super happy. :)

Also, can we talk about He is the Gift (en español Él es la Dádiva, BTW no one knows the Word Dádiva)  If you haven´t seen it go to and watch the video and share it because it´s seriously AWESOME. I love it because I feel like I´m more focused in Christ now when we contact, before we had a habit of highlighting the Restoration, but now all of our contacting is centered more in Christ. Also, because it´s Christmas time we get to sing Christmas hymns and we´re learning that for the most part even if people don´t want to listen to us they´ll listen to us sing. :)

Hna Flor! About to head out on a misión to Costa Rica!
So things that happened this week:

I got called rubia which is basically blond...haha if only they could see my siblings.

Hermana Ludlam got really sick so I had a nice day of working on our área map and book. Luckily I have an immune system of steel so I´m doing good...knock on wood.

Hermana Margarita made us panuchos which are like my FAVORITE THING EVER. They´re tortillas with beans inside, and chicken and cabbage and salsa on don´t even want to know how many I ate....

We got to teach the Young Women how to study like missionaries. It was awesome and since studying is one of the highlights of my day I was super excited to help them get excited...

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..lots of excitement...hah

Umm...we got peed at....Basically what happened was that we contacted a man in the calle he went inside for what we thought was just going to be a moment, but out came a different man who, when we tried to introduce ourselves, started peeing...we took the hint and left. The thing about it though is that like four months ago I would have been furious.

I´re all shocked that I have a temper. hah

And I´m not saying I´m a saint, but I wasn´t even mad. I´m not saying I want to be best friends, I just felt bad for him. He has no idea what he´s turning down.

But luckily we found lots of people this week who didn´t turn us down and I´m so excited to keep working in this área for the next 6 weeks!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

And don´t forget to #SharetheGift

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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