Monday, December 8, 2014

Transfer 2: Chuburná

Best Things...
-The people. I seriously love them. Members, investigators, missionaries. They´re awesome. 
-When someone accepts a baptismal date! Seriously, there´s nothing like it. It´s even better when you can continue to teach them and they progress (we´ve had a lot of first lessons where people accept a baptismal date and then we can´t find them again...*Long drawn out sigh*....)
Worst Things...
-Cold showers. Hate them. Every. Day. So much hate. 
-Dogs. They hate me. I hate them. They´re everywhere.

Things that are working for me...
-I love my bag. It´s nice because it has a waist strap that keep some of the weight off my shoulder. Also, mine is a smaller size but I think it´s good because it keeps me from packing too much stuff in it. 
-My Clarks are the bomb. I would wear them every single day if I wasn´t worried about them lasting for the next 15 months. I had no problems with them right off the bat, no blisters or anything.
-My watch lights up! Which is more helpful than you´d think it would be when you´re wondering the streets at night in the dark.
-USB adapter-thingy for my SD card is really nice because I can keep it in my camera case and I don´t have to pack a camera cord.
-Spray sunscreen!! We have to wear sunscreen every day (it´s a rule) and it´s so nice to spray and go. 
-My favorite skirt is actually the one Hermana Messenger gave me in the MTC. It´s longer and patterned, so it covers everything when I´m perched on someone´s front step and it does´t show the dirt. :) 

I wish I would have known...
-The MTC is NOTHING like a real mission. At least for me, it was completely different; it might be different if I was serving state-side or english speaking, but...Yeah. NOTHING like the MTC.
-The first two weeks are the hardest. I had to take it one day at a time there for a while, but after that, the weeks have seriously been a blur. 
-To bring more pens! I´m seriously territorial over my pens. haha. They´re expensive here and not as nice. 

-Lots of rice, beans, and pork. It´s all been really good, nothing too strange.
-We have tortillas with every meal. Hah we even have spaghetti (I´ve actually had spaghetti a lot here...) with tortillas. They are part utensil, part napkin, and part food. I love tortillas. 
-Boudin. Not sure how you spell it, but they take the bread from the day before, grind it up and mix it with eggs and stuff, and then it´s like a brick of custard-y bread-y deliciousness. Also, it´s only like 3 pesos...and this is why I´m going to get fat.
-Panuchos. They´re delicious bean filled fried tortillas piled with chicken and cabbage and onions and salsa. I legit eat waaaayyyyy too many of these every time we have them

Fun Facts about Mexico...
-90% of the people here don´t flush their toilet paper. They put it in a trash can next to the toilet. 
-Women kiss each other on the cheek. I thought that was a French thing...apparently it´s a Mexican thing. Hah. 
-This time of year it gets dark really early, like 6:00pm or so, because Mexico doesn´t do daylight savings. It´s weird to be walking around in the dark for like 3 hours. 
-Everyone is a crazy driver. I´m terrified every time I have to get in a vehicle. Hah. It´s a zoo. I am SOOO grateful we don´t have cars. 
-In this mission we wear our tags on the opposite side as we were told to in the MTC (so on our right instead of left). Not entirely sure why...I´ve been told it´s because a General Authority told Pres. Garcia that that´s where a person´s eyes go when you shake their hand. 

-Hot! But only really from 12 to 2, and then we have lunch and by the time we´re done it´s usually started to cool off. I´ve been told it´s not even hot yet so...yeah.
-Also humidity, it´s not too bad. I was expecting worse. I do feel vaguely sticky all the time.
-It hasn´t rained too much, but when it rains it either pours or it just kind of mists. I kind of love it.
-coox waye: come here
-ek: star
-pec: dog
-mixpa: nothing
-manlo: it´s good
(x is a shh sound by the way...)
I learned...
-How to teach about the Trinity. D&C 130:22. Look it up. We seriously have used it at least 100 times. You can´t teach people to come unto Christ if they think Jesus and Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost are one big convulted mess of everything and nothing. 
-How to contact on the bus. It´s seriously a skill because it´s so loud and people don´t really want to talk to you... I just smile and keep asking questions until they talk to me. :) 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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