Monday, January 26, 2015

Growing Pains, Pentecostals, & Rrrrsss

Hola Familia and Assorted Others,

Oh what a week... It was a little bit (fine print: BIG) of an adjustment working with someone new...and being in charge hah but we´re doing it. My hija, the lovely Hermana Castro is great and we get along really well. She even helps me with my Spanish.
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Hermana Castro & Me
Apparently, I´m an overly aggressive r-roller. Haha... 

The work was kind of slow this week, we´re adjusting to sharing the members between two set of missionaries and are in the finding stage. Which means lots of walking, and talking to strangers, and bearing testimony. Which is AWESOME. hah. We have faith that if we keep working hard we´ll find prepared people. 

We know they´re out there. 

Meanwhile, we´ve encountered a lot of...interesting.. people. Like the Pentecostal lady who prayed....very fervently....for our confusion to leave us so we could understand the bible. Ahhh.... yeah. And like three people who have hearing problems. And a couple who can´t read.

And a lot of lizards. Have I talked about how many lizards there are here??? 

On the plus, we have a couple really great investigators who are progressing! One has read all the way to Alma 19 in El Libro de Mormón!!! How cool is that!? I love El Libro de Mormón. 

I love you all too! And this gospel. And being a missionary...I just love life. There´s sunshine and as many tortillas as I can eat (no joke about the tortillas) and I´m sharing the gospel with people who need it. Keep being awesome!!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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