Monday, January 19, 2015

Hijas, Baptisms, & Carmen

So many things to say...

But first! I had my first FIVE baptisms this week! We baptized a family!!!!!! La familia Araujo Molina, a mom, and dad, and their two kids. Seriously it was the BEST thing of my life. That´s been my dream since I put in my papers!!! They´ve changed so much while we´ve taught them and I know that this is just the beginning of their eternal family. 
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Fam Araujo con Hno Daniel y Hno Manual
And I love them so much. 

I don´t know how to explain how much of a miracle they are. It was a fight to get them to accept a baptismal date at first but then after that it was literally a breeze to teach them. They´re the type of investigators that we teach them a priniciple and they´re either already living it (´´because it seemed like the right thing to do´´) or by the time we come back they´ve already gone over and above completing it. 

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Dionisio & His Family History
I love them. It made me so happy.

We also baptized the granddaughter of a less active member in the ward. And she is a complete sweetheart. 

Ashley was too much joy for me to take in. The church is true people. Don´t you even worry about it. 
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After the baptism we also had the coolest lesson with one of our investigators, Carmen. She tried to quit on us, but after some smooth talking (a whole LOT of the Spirit) she agreed to try again. Also she is like the sassiest person I´ve ever met. Direct quote (well...translated direct quote):

´´I said I read a little and didn´t understand...yeah, I didn´t read. I´m LYING´´ hahah I love her too. :) 

So cambios were today. They divided our area and....I´M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, you read that right. I have an hija!!!! Her name is Hermana Castro and she´s from Monterrey. I´ll send pictures next week. They split up me and Hermana Ludlam and we´re both training and staying in Barrio Chuburná but in different areas. 

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Hermana Ludlam  & Hermana Wilson

I´m only freaking out a little. Haha. But I am SO excited. 

I love you all! The gosple is true. I KNOW that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. This is His church. And His gospel. And through Him we can have eternal life with our families. Love you all!!!!!!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson
Familia Poot
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Barrio Chuburná

His interpretation of how Hna Ludlam says "Buenas Noches"

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