Monday, January 19, 2015

Transfer 3: Chuburná

Best Things...
-We got a calentador (not sure what you call it in English...a heating coil we put in the bucket) for the water so I can have hot water!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE: Shortly after writing that, our calentador melted itself and we´re back to cold showers...-_-
-Él es La Dádiva. Even though no on knows what that means. He really is the greatest gift our Heavenly Father could have given us. 
-Devocional Navideño!!!! Getting the whole mission together is like this big family reunion. 
-Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Jesus, I love my family, I love Mexico. It was a perfect Christmas.

Worst Things...
-Showing up to a lesson and your investigator is drunk so you can´t teach them anything. I want to help them with their addiction but we can´t when they´re wallowing in it. Palabra de Sabiduría people. 

Things that are working for me...
-Sticky notes! I use them for everything; to study, to leave notes...They´re awesome.
-Super Agenda: I took apart two agendas and put the pages for Futuros Investigadores in my agenda (otherwise I run out of space like 2 weeks in and have to use sticky notes *see above)

I wish I would have known...
-Get a Spanish-English hymn list. They´re at the MTC, but I didn´t and it´s a pain to try and translate and find the hymn number. Be smarter than me.
-It wouldn´t be a bad idea to get an extra Spanish Himno too. We sing at the beginning of every lesson, and sometimes there are a lot more people than himnos. 
-Bring an English dictionary. It would be nice. But maybe that´s because I´m a nerd. 
-Also a mini whiteboard and dry-erase markers are great for diagramming things out during lessons. Basically all visuals are awesome. 

-POZOLE! I love it. It reminds me of home. Hah the members are always surprised when I say that my mom makes pozole. 
-Ceviche de pupo...That is octopus and it´s actually a lot more delicious than it sounds. haha
-Cochinita is this pork in Condimento Rojo...not sure what it is exaclty but it´s very Yucateco and delicious. 
-I don´t know how I haven´t mentioned this yet, but MEDIA CREMA! It´s basically cream in this box and they put it on and in everything...yup cream in everything. :)
-Fresh coconut...It´s the bomb
(Why do I have more things about food than anything else?? What does that say about me?????)   

Fun Facts about Mexico/This Mission...
-There are about 13 pesos in a dollar.
-Elders aren´t allowed to pluck their eyebrows...I have no idea why that became a problem serious enough to make a rule. haha
-Mexico has a serious explosive addiction. haha. For New Year´s there were all kinds of little stands selling fireworks and mini bombs, the streets were full of children with explosives, we may have had a couple thrown in our was as entertaining as it sounds. ;) 
-No caffiene. It´s a mission rule. No podemos tomar la coca. 
-The mission schedule changed this cambio; if you´re not in training (first two cambios) and you need to study language you have to get up at 5:30 to be out the door by 10:00

-I feel like it´s hot, but I´ve been told that it doesn´t get really hot until Abril. Wish me luck because I may melt. 

-wayanone: here we are
-cuulem: sit
-coóx hanal: come eat
-háa: water
chichi: grandma

I learned...
-How to explain why we don´t worship the virgin Mary. Idols and the Virgin are huge problems here.

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