Monday, January 12, 2015

Wipiles, Diezmo, & the Prodigal Daughter


Oh people...I love the mission. Hah 

Monday for Pday we went to Centro! Which was quite an adventure. Hah I want to go back just to be able to take pictures all day. It´s beautiful, we did a little shopping and it totally reminds me of the Great & Spacious building in Lehi´s dream because every little shop keeper is like "Adelante amiga..." trying to con you into their store. hah. I did buy a wipil and I love it and sleep in it now. I feel like I´m finally yucateca

Wipil & Blusa
Also I bought a blusa yucateca... because my self control is that good. ;) 

So. WE´RE GOING TO HAVE BAPTISMS NEXT WEEK!!! 5!!!!!!!!!!! One is a granddaughter of a member (formerly less active) and the rest is a family (Familia Araujo)!! Seriously they´re my miracle. They´re awesome. Yesterday we had a Noche de Hogar with them and a member family in their home and we taught about Eternal Marriage and Temples and Family History and it was just like the best thing ever. I love them. And I will write more about them next week. 
Noche de Hogar

Fam. Aruajo y Fam Poot
Hah quick story though, we mentioned (kind of in passing) tithing just so they could have a heads up before the actual lesson this next week (because our ward mission leader was a little nervous that we hadn´t taught tithing yet and we´re planning their baptism) and they were just like "Yeah we already read about that. No problem" haha That´s the kind of family they are guys. 

Also our Prodigal Daughter has returned! I don´t know if I mentioned our investigator who ran off in the night with her ex to go live somewhere else, but she came back and we are teaching her again! It was a happy reunion. :) 

Other than that things are good here. We´re currently looking for new investigators because after the baptisms we pretty much have nobody left. Also, cambios are next week and they´re dividing our area so we´ll see what happens. 

I´m learning so much here. I thought before that I had a pretty good handle on the gospel but I´ve realized just how much I have to learn (it´s a lot) and I love being able to share what I´ve learned with others. One thing (of many) that I´ve learned from the Familia Araujo is that the gospel changes lives, it changes our very natures. It takes the best parts of us and makes them better. 

I love the gospel. I love being a missionary. I love you all.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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Familia Araujo

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