Monday, January 5, 2015

2015, 18, & 1,000,005

Feliz Año Nuevo!

So it´s 2015. I´m not entirely sure what happened to 1024, but I´m excited to devote this WHOLE year to the Lord. :) 

New Year´s here is a big deal...lots of drinking (like 1,000,005 drunks in the street)....surprise!....and they stay up all night. Hah our neighbors played music all. night. long. Luckily, I sleep like the dead so I slept through most of it. We had a normal work day the first, but a lot of people weren´t there for their lessons, or they were drunk... -_- And so we literally only taught once that day. 

There was a lot of walking that day. hah. Gave me a chance to work off some of my Christmas calories. ;)

Other than that it was a pretty good week, we 18 lessons with members present, which was our goal for the week! It can be difficult to get the members involved sometimes but we´re working to get them more excited to participate in the Work of Salvation. 
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My personal library.
Funny story, we´ve been begging for Libros de Mormon because we ran out (all the members give away LDM during the Navidad so there´s a mission-wide shortage). Just so you know it´s hard to share a message about a very important book if you don´t have the book. But! The members came through and we now have a few to get us through the week. 

I´ve been working on developing my faith. I´ve realized (several times) that if I´m going to be the kind of missionary I want to be I´m going to need miracles so I´ve been trying to develop faith unto miracles. I´ve realized too that I´ve seen miracles here in the mission field; that I see miracles every day. I´m a walking miracle! I don´t speak Spanish, but here I am communicating with people. hah. I´ve learned that the Lord always does His part, we just have to do ours and we will see miracles. 

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson
Sopes! Thought of you as I ate them Dad! ;) 

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