Monday, February 2, 2015

Temples, Éxito, & the Ultimate Self-Help


So Tuesday...I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!! We had a challenge in the mission if we could memorize all the scripture masteries of Book  of Mormon and New Testament (in Spanish) we could go to a session. And even though it was a session at 5:30 in the morning (which means we woke up at 3 and then worked until 9 at night) it was literally the best thing ever. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!! It was like balm for my soul. I know that it is the house of God because I can´t imagine that kind of peace existing any where else.

The work here has been a little slow. We´re in what I like to call a  ¨Finding Stage¨. We contact a lot in the calle and visit a lot of people. Our biggest problem is that we meet people make an appointement to come back and teach them....and then they´re not there. :( 

Which makes me very sad. Agency is hard concept. Ahhh....

But that´s what I´m learning, that everyone has this ability to chose. And that if people choose not to accept the gospel, it´s not my fault. If I´m doing my part, the Lord is pleased with me and I can be happy with my efforts. We had interviews with Presidente this week, and that´s most of what we talked about. How to really measure success in the mission.

AKA Hermana Wilson stop beating yourself up. I love Presidente Garcia.

We had some really good lessons this week. We found a new investigator and we were teaching here about the Restoration, and I totally thought she wasn´t getting it until she said, ¨So that means the other baptisms don´t count?¨ And I was like YES! (In my head of course) hah because it can be really difficult for people to capture apostasy and authority and all that jazz. We´ve also had some really great lessons with menos activos this week. One told us that we´re like daughters to her and when we show up late (.....woops....) she worries, but knows we always come, and she always looks forward to our visits. She´s a sweetheart, and has a lot of challenges in her life right now, and I just love being able to bring her some joy.

Have I mentioned that I love the people here?? :)

Hermana Castro is a peach. She´s helped me realize that I say ¨okay¨ like 35,000 times every day, and she always knows when I´m hungry. She´s a good hija. :) 

I´ve been studying conference talks over again, I really love...well...I really love ALL of them because they help me realize just how much the gospel APPLIES to real life. It´s not just something ancient or a list of shoulds and should nots. It´s how to live with the most happiness possible and how to live with Heavenly Father again. The gospel is something living, it applies to every person and in every situation. We don´t need a billion and five self-help books and quick-fixes, we need Christ, because through Him we can become so much more than we can on our own.

I love you all, I love my Savior, and I love helping other people find Him. 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

No pictures this week. The computer doesn´t like my USB. Sorry!! 

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