Monday, September 7, 2015

Walking, Hope, & Progress

Swing in Botanical Garden


What I´ve decided is sometimes you just have to wander around enough and knock enough doors and talk to enough people....and then the blessings come. We had that kind of week.

Awkward photo with an address... 
It wasn´t a bad week, we went to Mérida for a Leadeship Conference (#wetravelalot) which was great, but meant we lost a day in our area. We had a ton of appointments the rest of the week but one by one...they fell through.

Not all of them....just like 80%. jaja

Memorizing scriptures by osmosis

So that meant contacting and visiting and looking and getting sunburnt #stillhothere.

Phone call from the District Leader at 2 am ....turns out he just fell asleep with the phone in his hammock.
And then, right when I was hitting the end of my rope, things just got better. For example:

-Meeting with a faithful couple who, in one shot, helped us hit our goal of 30 names to take to the temple...which means we´re going to the temple next week!! Yay!!!!!!

-Finding 7 new investigators in 2 days....after 5 days with only 2 new investigators. And they´re families!!! I love teaching families. 

-We gad a massive zone water balloon fight #Ididnotwin It was a little bit crazy and a lot of fun
We were not planning on getting wet...
-Sending Hna Montse off to Chile and singing for her farewell. I´m kind of sad she´s leaving me because she´s been my only companion that´s stayed constant here in Campeche, but I know they need her in Chile. She´s one of the most prepared (future) missionaries I´ve ever seen. 

Hna Monste se va a Chile!

-Spending most of our Zone Conference writing down Christ-like Attributes of the other missionaries, and then taking pictures. 

Zona Campeche! 
-Talking to one of our favorite members about her family. She´s gone through some crazy hard trials but she is one of the most faithful, hopeful people I have ever met. It just goes to proof that it doesn´t matter what happens TO us as much as what we DO with it.

So all in all, it was a good week.Things are looking up here in Santa Lucia and I really really really love Campeche.  I know that this church is true and that this is where I am supposed to be. I love you all!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

My favorite place....
Frozen hot chocolate

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