Monday, September 28, 2015

21, Technology, & SL4


This week was full of little great things:

-I turned 21 which means I can legally do all those things that I don´t do anyway because I´m a member..Woo. :) jaja
I´m old.
-It also means we got fed pizza and cheesecake for lunch. My people here know me. 

B-day Lunch

-Hna Allen and I officially proved that fasting automatically makes people buy you food. It´s a fact. We also now have a lot of leftovers in the house. 
-I also lost my hymnbook...
-We got stuck in the rain one day. But that meant we got to watch the Joseph Smith movie with a part member family....who then ALL came to church Sunday. (BEST THING EVER)

-We had the Women´s Conference...but due to technical difficulties I only got to watch President Uchtdorf´s talk.... Me and technology and still not friends. -_- But it was an incredible talk, and I learned that right now is part of eternity. So why not enjoy eternal life (with all the happiness that implies) right now?? 
-We had changes....and guess who is not changing areas.... Me! But I am training again!! Which is incredibly exciting, I´m ready to be with a young missionary again. My new comp is name Hermana Romero and she is from the Estado de Mexico (State of Mexico) and she´s a doll. I´ll send pictures next week.

La familia Rodriguez Vargas

I have learned that life is full of little miracles. And that we have to take the time to invite them into our lives and then appreciate them when they come. We can be happy now; and we should be happy right now. And it´s all possible through Christ and His gospel.

I love you all!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson
I´m a pirate.

Still got hops...Just kidding...

Santa Lucia!

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