Tuesday, September 15, 2015

White, Temples, & Mexico

¡Que tal!

This week was one of those crazy, not normal weeks again (I feel like I say that a lot-anyone besides me feel like crazy has become the new normal??). And it was so crazy that I´m going to bullet-point this letter:

-We had 8 Principios which is like a multi-zone training meeting every morning for like a week. The best part was getting up at 4 in the morning to go make pancakes for everyone with the zone leaders. Just so you all know, elders eat a lot of pancakes. And don´t have all that great hygiene skills if they aren´t reminded. 

Foto Zona Campeche
-President showed up and anounced that we were going to have BAPTISMS (that´s literally what we said "vamos a bautizar gente"), and that meant we spent the rest of the week tracking down every possibility and getting them interviewed. Then we had a giant Tarde Blanca and a lot of people got baptized. One of our part member family investigators named America got baptized. She´s a doll. (Also check out the gringas baptizing America, my comp even wore red, white, and blue...jajaja) It was so cool to see all kinds of people from all walks of life decide to follow Christ and get baptized. We literally had people there from 9 to 95. It was pretty awesome. 

Baptism of America!...which in real English would be America´s Baptism...
-We had divisions and I was staying in the area with Hna Vega...but my comp took the phone with her...and we figured it out when President took us home...that was embarrassing. But on the plus side, he then decided to take us out for ice cream. He´s a great person. 

-My companion got a zit on her eye...(I think it´s actually called a stye??) and I totally did surgery on it and a bunch of green gunk came out. She also lost her voice which makes singing hymns a lot more entertaining. 

-I discovered that I could have a future in hege trimming. Although I recommend wearing long sleeves because plants make you itchy. 

-The Mexico City Temple got rededicated and it was just amazing. We got to go to the cultural celebration Saturday night (I officially have decided I want to be Mexican), and then the dedication Sunday (which took the place of normal services. (Oh and Mexico has its independence day tomorrow woo for Mexico!!)

-And then we got to go the Temple today!!!! (Hence why I´m writing on a Tuesday...) And it was as great as ever. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the temple. 

Misión México Mérida
Reunited and it feels so good! 
She bought me a little baby cake...and a candle... I love her
I am loving life. The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the best, I see miracles and I am so so so happy. What else could I ask for?? 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Mi mama Campechana Hna Fatima

We´re basically pirates...

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