Monday, October 5, 2015

Mija, Conferencia, & Bravery


This week was a little slow as far as work goes, but it was a really really really good week. We didn´t teach a lot of people, but at the end of the day I felt that we had found the people that the Lord wanted us to find. Also Campeche had a birthday yesterday. 

My new hija, Hna Romero, and I are scarily similar but also almost opposites. What I mean by that:
-We are the same height
-We both have long hair
-We both have red glasses
-We both have a sheep thing (I love sheep, she has a sheep pillow)
-Our names start with M.
-She´s 20, I used to be 20.
-She was vegetarian. I love meat.
-She loves the dogs and wants to take them home. #Istillhatethedogs
-She says things like "que bonito". I do not. 
But she is really a doll and I am so excited to get to work with her and learn from her.

Me & Hna Romero at conference
And can we talk about conference?? I loved it. I loved it a lot. Because:
-I got some very clear, very direct answers. 
-I got to watch it in english. (A whole bunch of missionaries squeezed into the clerk´s office to watch it in english.)
-It´s just about as fun as Christmas when you´re a missionary.


(Why am I the only one who actually did it?? Also notice how many missionaries fit in the clerk´s office)
Here are some of my favorite parts (roughly quoted of course):
-We must hold on to what we know to be true and stop chasing shadows. -Pres Uchtdorf
-Our direction is more important than our speed. -Larry R Lawrence
-If you do your best it will all work out. God will not forsake you. -Neill F. Marriott
-Maternal love has to be divine. -Elder Holland (Shoutout to my mother. I love you Mom!)
-Sometime His powers heal, but sometimes He gives us the strength to endure. -Elder Oaks
-The truth that matters most can only be verfied by revelation from God. -Pres Eyring

And of course I loved President Monson´s talk. He said "Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind in the same time" And then he talked about the bravery it requires to be different, and I couldn´t help but think how brave he was. He looked so very old and frail by the end of his talk, but you couldn´t deny the power of his words. And the truth of his words. We are different, and that difference is increasing all the time.

We can´t help but be anything but brave.

Baluarte de San Carlos

Zona Campeche

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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