Monday, July 27, 2015

Angels, Fuertes, & Work

It´s a canon...
Querida familia, 

This was a good week. :) 

Last Monday we went on a tour of Campeche with a couple members, they took us to the forts (legit forts that were built to keep out pirates #howcoolisthat), we ate pizza, stopped at a mall (and I had US flashbacks haha)....and it was just a great day. I´m quite convinced that Campeche is the second most beautiful place on the planet. 

It was closed...
Pirate ship! I´m not even kidding...
And then the reality of missionary life started again. #butI´mokaywiththat

This week I thought a lot about Angels. 

But not the kind with wings and halos. #that´ssilly

-Like the kind who are people: like the members who bring chocolate cereal to the missionaries... or make us birthday dinners when we´re far from home (it was my comp´s birthday this week)...or the missionary who took time out of proselyting to go help a family smash bottles to recycle to be able to eat this the EFY counselor who isn´t going to graduate on time because she missed her final exam to be with the youth. 

-Like the kind who are us: I really love being able to be an "angel" for someone. Like for the less active member who we found this week who hadn´t been to church in more the 5 years because he has arthritis and can´t get around...or for the young couple who want their brand-new baby to grow up in a church...or for the non-member parents who want to know why their daughter left them to go serve a mission.

-Like the kind who are really angels. I´ve realized in the mission that there are seen and unseen forces working for both good and evil in this world. This really is the Lord´s work, and He sends angels to hold us up and push us forward when we just can´t Go anymore. I know they´re working here because I have felt them. I have said and done things that I never could have done without some serious heavenly help. I have seen miracles. 

Proof that I played sports
I have sat on the floor and held people as they´ve cried and tried to find the words that would help them put their life back together. And that is when I realize that what will help them will never come from me; it has to come from a lot higher up. Because really, what can I do? I am 19 with little real-life experience, I can never go where they are. 

But Christ went there. And He knows how to bring them out.

I love this gospel. It is the work of angels, and I love being able to be part of it. Love you all more than you know.

Giant hand...not so giant
¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Benito Juarez

It´s basically a castle....

cave...It´s a big hole in the ground really...

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