Monday, June 15, 2015

Food, People, & Numbers


The work continues here in Santa Lucia. And even though it rained almost every day, it was an incredibly good week. (Also we realized that when we put our rainjackets on over our bags we look like Quasimodo.) 

We had divisions with San Roman this week, and Hna Ellgen from Colorado came to work with me in Santa Lucia. It was the first time I´ve worked with an American since my mission mom, and it was the best thing ever. #englishparty We both love basketball, were both very against serving a mission until we decided to go, and she is taller and whiter than me so that was a change. :)

Me & Hna Ellgen. Love her. :)
Hna Ellgen, Hna Cockerham, Hna Torres, & I
And after we went to Alameda to work with Hna Hoggan and Hna Velazquez (because Hna Hoggan has been sick and can´t leave the house). I stayed in the house with Hna Hoggan while Hna Torres went to work with Hna Velazquez. We lost a day of work in our area but at the end of the week when we sent in our totals we realized we had our best week yet here. Just goes to show that the Lord blesses us when we make sacrifices and help others. 

Hna Velazquez, ME, Hna Hoggan (she has dengue), Hna Torres
Some numbers from this week:
-7 new investigators
-12 investigators with a baptismal date
-11 references contacted
-1 investigator named Elvis #thankyaverymuch

We talked a lot this week about numbers but also how the numbers themselves aren´t important... the people are. And we have some really good people here. :) Like Evangelina who can´t get baptized yet because she´s not married and her partner refuses to get married, but who shows up half an hour early to church anyway and wants to go to Mérida just to be able to see the temple. Or Angel who is a recovering alcoholic, but came to watch a baptism this week and we managed to explain the whole Plan of Salvation while we were waiting for it to start. Or Valeria (10) and Vania (9) who are recent converts and can tell you exactly what two things are missing during an apostasy. 

Also, Santa Lucia is seriously the best ward to be in as a missionary. They LOVE us. There´s a sister who brings us breakfast or dinner to the house two or three times a week, a sister pulled us out of Relief Society (literally pulled us out) and took us to a secret room with all the missionaries and gave us sandwiches yesterday, the Bishop is taking us out to dinner today, and the members fight over who gets to feed the sister missionaries. 

My Chapel!! 
So mom if you were worried about me....don´t be. (Also why is it that all these expressiones of love are food related... #lovelanguages)

Basically, I am incredibly happy here and incredibly well fed. Physically and spiritually speaking. :) I love being a missionary, and there is no where else I´d rather be than right here in Campeche sharing the gospel that I know is true. :) Sending my love!!!! 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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