Monday, June 22, 2015

Araceli, Nine, & Glory


So I have been in Campeche for four weeks now and...I still love it. This week:

My view of Campeche from the Ciber
We had the most successful P-day of my mission last Monday. We cleaned, washed clothes, studies, wrote, bought food, went shopping, FOUND ATTRACTIVE MODEST CLOTHING, ate Chinese food with the Bishop and the Elders (#firstchinesefoodin9months), and had time for a 15 minute nap. Woo. #winning

Chinese food with the Bishop & the Elders #selfie
La Iglesia de San Roman
I went to work with Hna Schmit in Siglo XXI this week. I kind of just loved listening her talk in perfect Spanish and then perfect English and back again. (Her mom is from Argentina) I just love this beautiful language. And Hna Schmit. 

We had a Noche de Hogar with the Marquez familia and it was a cultural night. My comp taught us how to make´s like a ball of masa filled with stuff (beans, cheese, jam, groud beef...whatever) and then fried. (Good news for my family: I learned how to make them!) and I drank root beer. haha #Ihavenoculture
We made´s a Guatamalan thing 
La Familia Marquez
I also hit 9 months this week....which is half of my mission! I literally cannot believe it. I still feel like I´m just starting out this Mexican Adventure thing, and it´s literally flying by. Sometimes I feel like I´m just starting out, and then there are times when I can´t really remember how normal life was...hah. But I am literally loving every single minute of it. 

9 Months! 
And.....Hna Araceli got baptized! She was an investigator that we inherited from the elders but we taught her all of the lessons, and I just love her. It was kind of a scramble to finish all her lessons but we did it! haha We had her interview Friday night (and I got EATEN ALIVE by mosquitos), her baptism Saturday, and her confirmation Sunday. She´s one of the those rough around the edges with a huge heart type. And her baptism was the just the best. She shared her testimony after the ordinance and just cried because she knows that this church is true and it really has changed her life. #itdoesn´tgetanybetterthanthat 

Araceli´s Baptism! 
Elder Martinez, Elder Parrott, Araceli, Hna Torres, Hna Wilson, Hna Ligia, & her kids
Araceli´s Confirmation! 
Me, Araceli, Hna Torres
I thought a lot this week about what it is that is so special about the mission and here is what I realized:The greatest glory I could ever find is to be a tool in the Hands of the Lord for the Salvation of other people.
My greatest glory is to be so used up that I am nothing more than what He wants me to be. 

We get asked a lot why we don´t use our names...And I know there are several reasons, but really for me, it´s because what I, McKenna, want to do really doesn´t matter. I am here to serve others and to serve my Savior.

And that is my greatest glory. 

I love you all!! More than you know!! 

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Hna Hoggan, Hna Torres, ME, Hna Velasquez
La familia Perez....with a LOT of fish.

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