Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Templo, Techo, & Entertainment


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Hna Rhondeau & I & our Hijas

Hna Castro Hna Wilson Hna Rhondea Hna Huerta
First, I am soooo sorry for not writing yesterday. We changed P-days this week so we could go to the temple and I totes forgot to tell you guys in advance....woops. Nobody panic I´m still alive and well. :)
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Hermana Elizabeth Estrella

It was a good week. Tuesday we had a conference with like three zones and Presidente, and it was the bomb.com. We practiced cool stuff and....we got to watch Meet the Mormons (in Spanish...but still). And it was so great! I don´t know if I´m entertainment deprived or if it was really good, but I loved it. Haha the missionary part pulled on the heartstrings a little, but I realized that I really am my father´s daughter when there was a part about a football coach and I realized just how much I miss my violent American sport. hahaha The only bad part about the conference is that I lost our cellphone in a taxi going home....

Hijas de Hna Ludlam

Hna Oaxaca Hna Wilson Hna Pitcher Hna Harper Hna Ludlam

But we bought a new one. It´s all good. Stress is good.

We taught a lot of members to lessons this week, and Hermana Margarita (AKA one of my favorite people here - she makes panuchos ;) ) told us the funniest story.

So one night this guy was on her roof, and so like any normal older lady she went out, grabbed him, asked him what he was doing on her roof, and then made him sit and wait while her neighbor called the pólice. And then two days later she saw him in the Street and all he said was ´´Buenos días Señora Margarita´´ in this really ashamed way. hahahah I can´t explain to you how funny it was to listen to her tell this story, and see her act it out. haha I love her.

So last week I froze my buns off.... and yes is wasn´t even that cold, but I´m Yucateca....and all of sudden this week the heat has started! hah I think I´m going to be sweating for the next 6 months. And with the heat come....cockroaches. So fun!!!


I can´t tell you how many I killed this week. You don´t even want to know.

Yup. Roaches

Also I went to the temple this morning to do names that I´ve found here in the misión, and it was so great. I saw Hermana Rhondeau (my comp from the MTC) and I got to do the baptisms...and I just love the temple.

Hna Rhondeau & I
This letter has kind of been all over the place, but know that I´m doing so good. I love being a missionary, and even though it can be incredibly hard, the good more than makes up for it. I know this góspel is true. I am a representative of Jesús Christ, and I get to help people find Him every day.

What more could I ask for???

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson


My comp has a talent for capturing my best moments.

I´m incredibly attractive. I know.

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