Monday, March 2, 2015

Miracle Killers, Head Games, & Anniversaries

My Dearest Family...and other people who are equally as dear,

This week was a good one!!! (Do I say that every week??) We don´t have a lot of 1... but we accomplished a lot of our goals and in the ninth hour (like Sunday night..)  we found a family with a lot of potential and I have high hopes for Chuburná.

In the MTC I remember my teachers talking about not letting people kill your miracles, and I thought, "Who would do that?? That can´t be real issue." But it´s real people. A lot of people this week have told us what a difficult area we have, that no one´s really had succes...yada yada yada....It´s not true. We have some challenges here for sure, but Preach My Gospel says if we lower our expectations we lower our ability.

And I don´t know about you, but I plan on baptizing the world...or at least one Jehovah´s Witness. (I have an odd talent of managing to find every single JW to contact in the streets. Hermana Castro is always very impressed.) It´s going to happen ;)

I´ve been trying to avoid falling into a rut of just doing the work, and so I´ve been focusing a lot on listening to the Spirit. And wow has that been cool. I try to picture the people we´re teaching in the temple or the baptismal font and think about what they need to get there. Every time I feel such love from Heavenly Father for the people here and I can´t help but love them too. And I really do love them, even if sometimes they frustrate me to no end. :) I told Hermana Castro the other day that I feel like a mom with a lot of problem children. haha

One of those is an hermana who is less active, she´s 18, pregnant and her boyfriend (who is also a member) lives there with her family. Her name is Reyna and she´s a little bit terrified to be a mom, and never really had a conversion to the gospel. So the other day we just had a feeling we should go over there to visit here. She let us in (a little bit reluctantly) and we sat down to teach.

With absolutely no game plan. Hah.

So I flipped through my himnario (what is this word in english???) and saw "Paz Calmense" (Not sure what it´s called in english goes like "master the tempest is raging..." etc.) and just had the feeling to sing that. And from there we taught a whole lesson on the story and it was just really cool. And then...

Reyna and Isaac (her boyfriend) came to church yesterday!!!!! And it was literally like the third time in the four months I´ve been here. And it just made me incredibly happy.

Speaking of beautiful moments in the and testimony meeting, Hermana Margarita gets up to bear her testimony and started crying and thanked us (from the pulpit) for remembering her baptism anniversary (we dropped of a card and a chocolate). And it was just the coolest thing ever.
Now, I´m not telling you that because I think we´re awesome or something, I just realized that I actually am making a difference here. That even if we´re a little bit low on investigators right now, we´re touching hearts and changing lives. I don´t remember what I wrote in the card for Hna Margarita, but it touched her, and it reminded me that this mission isn´t about numbers and baptisms.

I am here to invite others to come unto Christ.

And that comes in a lot of forms. And I just love having the opportunity to do it. I love the gospel and I love being a missionary.

And I love you all. :)

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

PS Cambios were yesterday...guess who is going to spend a third of her mission in Chuburná....this girl! BTWs I´ve finished a third of my mission. How did that happen??

Elote in Centro. Again proving how attractive I am.

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