Monday, February 16, 2015

Niños, Dulces, & una Americana Cerrada


Well, this was a good week. We´ve been teaching more, and finding more people. And we had an investigator come to church Sunday! His name is Miguel and we might have kind of hauled him to church....but he stayed for all three hours and the ward has kind of taken him under their wing so it was awesome!

We´ve been working a lot with the members to try and get them more involved in missionary work. ***BEWARE PREACHING IS ABOUT TO START*** Because we can work in the calles all day long and find a few people, but if we´re to start finding people who really have potential we need references from the members...which we don´t get all the often because the majority of them only talk with their family and their friends from church...sigh... BUT we´re working on it. We´re going to change the culture here in Chuburná.

Moral of the story is: give the missionaries references. They really need them.

Like I said last week, we´ve been working with the menos activos a lot and since my family sent me like 15 POUNDS of candy...does that say something about me???... we´ve been using that as motivation. haha If the niños will sit and listen to a scripture story they get candy at the end.
Works every time. haha

Although, one time this week we should up at the home of a menos activo and this seven year old saw us and immediately said, ¨Hermanas, no tengo tiempo¨ (Sisters I don´t have time) in this really exaggerated drawn out way. But what was the funniest is that we hear that a lot in day...a lot...but it doesn´t usually come from a seven year old. hahah I literally burst out laughing. I love kids. haha
Hermana Castro and I get along really well - although she told me this week that I´m muy cerrada (closed)...woops... But we work really well together, and she keeps me laughing. Although I think she´s found every single slug bug in Chuburná in order to hit me.
And there are a LOT here.

As we´ve been working with families (investigators, menos activos, members) I´ve realized just how important families are, and how much the gospel helps us have families that are better and happier. The gospel really is the solucion to all the problems in the world. And so much heartache and sadness could be avoided if everyone just knew about the gospel.

Ahhh... I just want everyone to have what I have. A loving Heavenly Father, a loving family, and the way to keep that family for forever.

The church is true. I love the gospel, I love the people here, and I love you all too.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Happy Birthday Dad! (I didn´t forget, I just forgot to write you about it last week!)

Hermana Castro likes to take videos

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