Monday, February 9, 2015

Churros, Volleyball, & Eternal Families


This week was a little better. We found more investigators and are working with a LOT of menos activos. In this ward there are like 80 people that go to church regurlarly and.... like 300 on the ward list. So we have a bit of work to do. :) We have a couple who are progressing and we have plans to get them ALL to the temple eventually.

Eternal families. We talk about them all day every day. I realized this week (again) how big of a blessing eternal families are. Heavenly Father loves us enough to prepare a way for us (His children) to return and live with Him again. AND if we keep our covenants we get to keep our families, the people most important in our lies, for forever too. How incredible is that?

Familia Olvera
It rained a lot this week, at one point we got caught in the rain and we just HAD to duck under cover of a churro stand and while we were there we just HAD to buy churros..... hehehe. We suffer a lot as you can tell. ;)

Also, we had a ward volleyball tournament. It was the bomb, even though we lost right off the bat. hah I really love this ward. One of the hermanos got a hold of a microphone and announced every person that showed up to the tournament...hah every. single. person. Also we lost the only ball for like half and hour (someone hit it over the fence) and so I taught the niños how to shoot a basketball. :)

I am loving life here. Sometimes it´s hard, but I know this is where I´m supposed to be and I can´t imagine being anywhere else. I know this is the church of Christ and that He is working with us here, and that if we just have hope we will see miracles. I love this gospel. I love sharing it with the people here. I love you all!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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