Monday, November 24, 2014

Rain, Immigration, & Tortillas


We are pushing that ball along and eventually it´s going to start rolling!! We fasted this week to find people, and we have some new investigators (families!!!) that have a lot of potential. No one showed up for church but....hey! We´re getting somewhere. We actually got to teach a second lesson this week which was fun. hah. We visited a lot of less actives this past week and had 12 show up for church!

That might have partly been because it was the primary program, which was AWESOME. I love primary. And children. They´re the best. They had like 10 scriptures memorized that they recited during the program, it was really impressive.

So after I wrote you last week I had to go take visa pictures for immigration, and while we were looking for a place to take pictures it began to rain....and then it began to pour. First time I´ve gotten REALLY REALLY soaked here. Haha we walked into the mall where they took pictures and everyone looked at us like we were crazy. Basically, all you need to know is that in my immigration photos I look like a drowned rat. :)

But! I got to go to immigration, which in itself isn´t all that exciting, but the rest of my MTC district had to go too!! It was like a mini reunion!! Haha it was so good to see all of them again...and be bad and speak in english for a bit...haha. Also, I finally met Hna. Harper! hah I didn´t know this before but Hna. Ludlam is her mom too. Kinda of ironic.

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Hna Ludlum & Hna Harper
I am learing that if people don´t have a desire to change, they´re not going to. Our job is to help them realize that they´re missing something and instigate that desire to change. It can be really difficult at times because most of the people we talk to are very content with their lives.

Complacency. I´m convinced it´s the root of all evil.

I just wish people would realize that there is SO MUCH MORE: That we can´t even imagine all that Heavenly Father has in store for us if we´ll just buck up and change.


Basically, I love the gospel, and I know how much it´s helped me, and I just want everyone to have it.

Spanish is coming. It´s all good until someone talks really fast or has a lisp and then I´m completely lost. I can function though so that´s good. I´m definitely not eloquent, but I can function.

Transfers are every six weeks, so in two weeks. I´m hoping I get to stay with Hna. Ludlam to finish my training (we´re supposed to stay with our trainers for 2 transfers...) but it´s not guaranteed. Hna. Ludlam trained her second transfer!!!! That´s crazy.

Weather is hot. haha And sometimes it rains. It´s not too hot right now though so that´s good. It´s winter here. hah

Food is awesome! I don´t think I´ve eaten anything bad here. I´m definitely going to gain weight. haha Tortillas will be the death of me.

They don´t celebrate Thanksgiving here! So...I won´t be doing anything special. hah.

I´m doing so good. I love it here, and I´m a little more comfortable every day. The time is already flying by! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson                                                      

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