Monday, November 3, 2014

Skeeters, Blisters, & Laundry


Wow what a week! Sorry don´t have a lot of pictures, I will try to be better about taking pictures this next week. I´ll send pictures of my hammock and the casa and stuff. :)

First week was interesting, the elders who were in the area before us didn't leave us the best area book so we've spent a lot of time contacting references, cleaning up the area book, trying to find investigators...hah. At the moment we have a little family and a lady who we are teaching. We've spent a lot of time meeting members, less actives, and figuring the area out...And being lost. haha Our map is subpar to put it nicely, and the streets don´t exactly follow any sort of reason. And thus, every day is an adventure!!

So it´s beautiful here, but I´m definitely not in tourist town, the houses are small and very humble, and everything is vaguely dirty. But I love it!!

55 Mosquito bites...yes, I counted them.  I now use mosquito repellent like perfume!
The most unexpected thing was when we ate at a member´s house, asked if she needed anything and we ended up doing her laundry outside in a bucket! Haha I love it, but when I decided to serve a mission doing things like that never crossed my mind.

I am loving the weather! It´s cold for here, so I´m having a nice period of time to acclimate myself. I love being warm! Also it´s a good thing it´s warm here since my showers are very cold...not as fun.

Spanish is coming. I understand almost everything gospel related and the majority of everything else. I´m working and hopefully the talking part will come soon.

I love my compañera. Hna. Ludlam is a great missionary and a great example for me. I´m learning a lot from her!!

Me and Hermana Ludlam
So Monday is officially my P-day now. I love you all so very much! And I love getting to bear my testimony every single day. I love this gospel!!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson
We are on our way!

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