Monday, November 17, 2014

Tanlines, Blisters, & A Bug

¡Buenas Tardes!

First of all, you should all know that I say buenas at least 100 times a day, buenas dias, buenas tardes, buenas noches...It´s all buenas here. haha

Is it just me or did this week fly by? It seemed so fast to me. Like I explained last week, we´re kinda on an uphill climb. We basically have well...0... progressing investigators :( It´s difficult because we have a great lesson with someone, they accept a baptism date, and then....

We never see them again. -_-

But!! We´re expanding our horizons and really trying to motivate the members to take part in the Work of Salvation. It´s really not about the Missionary Work or Reactivation or Retention or Family History work, it´s all the work of Salvation and as members we all have our role in this work. So we´ve been trying to have Noches De Hogar with families and have them invite people to their homes and we share a message and it´s a great little evening. Also, we´re working in areas of our area that the old elders didn´t really touch so we´re hoping for great things!!!! Also we´re working with a lot of menos activos right now. And we had several come to church this week!!!  

It´s really beautiful here. And hot!!! (But from what I´ve heard it´s not even hot yet so....yeah....)  It´s really funny because it´s "winter" and at night and in the evenings it cools off and everyone freezes.

Except for us. Haha we love it. 

I have a really nice shoe tanline on my feet already. It´s attractive. haha And blisters. haha We knew that was coming. It´s weird because my only blisters are on the bottom of my feet almost between my big toes...

I have weird feet. 

Also, random story, the other day I was walking along and noticed I had something stuck in my skirt. 

Yep. Giant Bug.


No, I did not freak out. I calmly threw it on the street and smashed it until dead. 

Also, can we talk about how much I love Sundays? They´re seriously the best days of the week. All of Mexico is a little bit of a culture shock (hah little bit..) but the Church is always the same and always builds me up for the coming week. I love it. Also I got to go to a baptism this week!! Not ours but my comp is awesome and plays the violin so we were part of the special musical number. :) 

Also, I´m reading Jesus the Christ right now (you know, just a little light reading...) and something I read this week was that Jesus chose to do all that He did, but He also completely submitted to the will of the Father. What I realized is that His will was so in line with the Father´s that He wanted to do the Father´s will because it was also His will. I am now trying to align my will more with my Heavenly Father´s, I don´t want to be obedient just because I´m submitting I want to WANT His will. 

Does that make any sense??

Anyway, I love you all so much and I love Mexico!! Have a great week!!

¡Vale la pena! 

Hermana Wilson

PS This is my study area, yes.. it always looks that bad...also sorry for the lack of pictures... :(

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