Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dedication, Losses, & Little Victories

My Peeps,

Well, this week was an interesting one. We had some really great things happen, and some really not so great things. A *brief* summary:

-Hna Oaxaca (hija de Hna Ludlam) went home, it was really sudden, and really sad. It made me think a lot about why I´m here in the mission...more on that later. But that meant we lost a day of work in our area because we were in a trio for a day waiting for a new comp for Hna Ludlam. On the plus side I got to see a little bit more of the world....or at least Chuburná. hah

-Our one progressing investigator, that was about to get baptized, that we've been teaching for 2 months....MOVED! And didn't tell us, he just kind of mentioned it in passing one day during the lesson. He had been living with his mom and then just kept showing up for the lessons there. On the plus side, someone is going to get a reference of gold. (golden reference?? How does that work in English??)

-Speaking of golden references, one of our investigators got baptized Saturday!
He´s technically not ours, but we taught him all the lessons since he didn´t have time in his house, but he works for some members so we taught him there. His name is Eduardo and the whole time we taught him we were PRAYING that his family could accept the gospel too because his wife was super opposed to it, and she´s finally taking the lessons too! His whole family!!!! Heavenly Father answers prayers people. And it was super sad because we couldn't go because it was like an hour from our area, but incredibly happy all at the same time.

Priorities when teaching english classes
-One of our investigators who we´ve been teaching for a while finally accepted a baptismal date!!!!! We taught her about the yoke of Christ (Matt 11:28-30) and she was just like...okay. Like no big deal, while I was happy dancing on the inside. I love when people make the right decision.

-It´s getting hotter. I carry a towel and deodorant all the time because I literally sweat buckets just walking down the street. Woop woop. #sooooattractive

-Also we went to a training about self-sufficiency and had a little mini-reunion with Hna Rhondeau. Hah. We found out we both sneak-eat the food our hijas don´t want. We´re good moms. haha (It helps that the thing Hna Castro doesn't like is flan.)

-I went to the temple today. Which like made my life. I got to finish the work for one of Dad´s family names and that also made my life. Can we talk about how perfect Heavenly Father´s plan is???

Templo at 4 in the morning
This week I officially hit 6 months and I've thought a lot about why I´m out here, and I realized (AGAIN) that it´s sooo not about me. There are people here who I can help, and we´re changing peoples´ lives. As much as I miss home, and my people, and English :)  my whole self just rejects the thought of leaving here. There is so much to be done and so little time. So very many people who need the gospel. And I have it.

6 months to the day
I love you all! I love the gospel. I love being a missionary!!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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We are easily entertained!
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English manual they give to the Latinos...I want to know who gave this to our investigators.haha

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