Monday, March 16, 2015

Black Sheep, Mermaids, & Dogs (Still Hate Them)

FAMILY & FRIENDS! People I love!!!

This was a good week. It was a little slower teaching wise, but we´ve been finding new people almost every day and have a couple of good progressing investigators. We´re going to have baptisms this transfer!!!! (Fingers crossed. You all should pray for that. Pretty please.)

It was ward conference this week and it was like the best day. Somehow, last minute (like 20 minutes before) I got talked into singing a solo during the prelude, and Hna Castro & I got sucked into the choir. I was totes the black sheep, everyone wore white shirts and I had a black one.... #didnotknowtherewasadresscode And we had 122 people in the capilla, including 21 less active members!!!!!!!!! Hno Arturo (less active) finally cut his hair and came to church! (This man and his hair. It´s been a project for at least 3 months now.) And we had 2 invesigators come all by themselves, and everyone was just happy, and it was just a beautiful day in the capilla.

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Half the ward was in the ward choir.
In other news: 

I got bit by a dog this week. But I was walking fast so it couldn´t actually bite me, just kind of pinched the back of my leg. (No reason to worry Mom.) For the record, I did nothing to provoke it. #totesstillhatethedogshere 

Dog Bite. Not bad. :) 

This was the week of weird older men hitting on me. One gentlemen asked what color my eyes are then proceeded to recite a poem he wrote (I didn´t understand everything and neither did Hna Castro, but he said something about green eyes and mermaids), and told me I was too pretty to be walking around in the calle all day. The next day our investigator told us that if he was younger he would wait for us after the mission.... -_-.... yeah. Hermana Castro thinks it´s hilarious.

I do not. 

It rains almost every day. But I bring my rainjacket everywhere now. I´m learing. :) And when it doesn´t rain it is HOT. But it´s still winter.....wish me luck.

Casa de la familia Molina
Hermana Castro says I sound less like a gringa right before bed when I´m exhausted. I don´t know how that works either. 

We had the best lesson with a less active gentleman. He stopped going to church like 35 years ago...or more. But when we gave him a Book of Mormon he just kind of lit up and hugged it to his chest and it made me incredibly happy. I love the Book of Mormon and I love it when other people love it too. 

I love this work. I love the gospel. I love being able to help people every single day. I love being a missionary.

And I love you all.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

PS Be on the lookout for a cool new iniciative. #GraciasaqueÉlvive #BecauseofHim

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