Monday, March 9, 2015

Transfer 4: Chuburná 2

Best Things...
-Meet the Mormons! (Can we talk about how much I loved the football part??? And that I want to go to Costa Rica now. Mormons are cool, no big deal.)

Worst Things...
-It got hot. And all the cockroaches came out.

Things that are working for me...
-I´m pretty sure my Jambu shoes are indestructible. They look the same as they did when I got here. 
- Spray suncreen lasts forever too. I just finished my first bottle after like 4 and a half months.

I wish I would have known...
-They don´t give you white sports bras in the temple here for baptisms. You should bring one. hah.
-You really should plan better than I did; and bring patterned skirts OR patterned shirts. Its doesn´t work too well with both.
-Mascara costs like 150 pesos. Which is a lot when you think about the fact that we only get $150 to eat every week. I don´t know why I didn´t stock up on that...
-Get a Spanish Dictionary (not English to Spanish just Spanish Spanish). Presidente wants all of us to learn the language more thoroughly and a dictionary would help a lot.

-This lovely cabbage dish that basically translates to babies in envelopes....or something like that. hahah. 

Fun Facts about Mexico/This Mission...
-They don´t normally whistle at girls here, it´s more of a chhh sound. And they´re normally drunk...
-Also, calling someone bitter doesn´t actually translate to Spanish.
-The schedule changed back so we don´t have to get up at 5 to study language...I think everyone just stopped studying language so that´s why it changed back. hah

-It was incredibly cold for like a week....incredilby cold means like 65 degrees. haha and probably not even that cold. But with the humidity I feel like I can´t escape it.

-miz: gato
-pabia: ya se va
-kik: hermana
-sucon: hermano
-bixavel: como está
-malóo: bien 

I learned...
-I´m training! Which means I learned A LOT of things. How to plan on my own, how to lead in a lesson, how to find my way around...Lots of things.
-Don´t flush toilet paper unless there is a sign next to the toilet that tells you too. All the houses here have septic tanks so if you flush toilet paper you just might kill your we did.
-Un Misionero de Éxito Predicad Mi Evangelio pagina 10. It´s not always the numbers, folks.

This is one of our practice sessions...probably one of my favorite videos of Hna Castro. LOVE HER!

Proof that I practice too. 

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