Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (aka I'm in Mexico)

Hola Todas!

So it´s kind of crazy but I made it to Mexico! We got up super early, rode a bus to the airport, and then flew from SLC to Denver to Houston to Mérida! My misión president, his wife, and the assistents picked us up, we went to the office, picked some things up and had dinner (the exotic subway), and then Hna Rhondeau and I stayed with some hermanas for the night before meeting our companions the next day.

My companion is Hermana Ludlam, she´s from New Jersey, but luckily doesn´t speak any english to me (except to help me understand of course). She´s been out for about a year, and is super nice. We´re in an área called Chuburna, and we´re both new since we replaced the elders that had been there. So the área book is a bit of mess, and it´s going to be a grand adventure!

With my trainer Hermana Ludlam

I´m doing really well. I love sleeping in hammocks!! It´s way nice, and since it´s the cold part of the year, I´m not dying too much in the heat. We have a washer, but I´ve handwashed things too. Also, I took my first bucket shower, which is very interesting... haha. Our house is nice, it´s really big for just the two of us, and one of the bathrooms has a cockroach problem... but it´s all good. Haha It´s beautiful here and I really do love it.
Spanish is okay....I understand a lot, but I have a hard time talking because I want it to be perfect and it´s not perfect yet. I´ll get there eventually though!

Anyway, I love you all and I love being a missionary in Mexico!!!

Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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