Monday, January 18, 2016

San Camilo, Arroz con Leche, & Vicente Solís

I just asked Hna Rhondeau what happened this week and she said "This week was kind of a weird week...". I feel like that is an appropiate way to describe it.

Hna Maria del Socorro made us arroz con leche this week. I love her even more than I did last week. 

Then we had intercambios with the sisters from Vicente Solís. They both came to our area to work and we had a blast. I worked with Hna Ellgen (for like the 100th time of my mission) and I just love that girl. The only downside of having friends over is that then we didn´t have food left.... haha

Hna Rhondeau, Hna Ellgen, Hna Rocha, & Hna Wilson
In other news, we had Escape from San Camilo Part 3 this week. There´s this part of our area that is a little sketchy and so we´re not supposed to be there too late but.... we started teaching a less active family and left at about 7. (Still not too bad). And then we were waiting for the bus....for a while. And then at like 7:40 (sketchy-level increasing all the time) one finally passed and we got on it....only to find out, it wasn´t going where we thought it was. So at about 8:00...we walked home. In the dark. Including crossing the highway in this tunnel-bridge thing....

But we made it! So no worries, Mom. 

Also, I found more of Nick Hartley´s converts. They love him. hah It´s weird how small the world is. 

The work in Quintero is progressing. We find TONS of people...but they don´t really go to church....that´s the downside. But we´re working on it! This week everyone just started opening up to us randomly. Which was good, ya know. hah. 

What I am realizing more and more is that I am just content to do whatever it is the Heavenly Father wants me to do. His plans are better than mine. I just want to be who He wants me to be. 

I love this missionary stuff. I love you all.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Just out for a walk with your pet scorpion...

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