Monday, October 12, 2015

Milagritos, Marvels, & México


This week was one of the marvellous weeks when (almost) everything goes right. We had a ton of members helping us out, we found new investigators (including one who like to speak really bad english with me), and we didn´t get rained on. 


Also Hna Romero is great, she wants to learn EVERYTHING, and it´s fun to remember what is was like to start out. And even though she´s from Mexico it´s funny to see how different the culture is here in the peninsula. And it was also really funny when this dog tried to steal her towel this week. (She still loves the dogs.) 

The biggest miracles I have seen this week have been the littlest: like watching the less active 13 year old who we´ve been teaching forever finally get to pass the sacrament, happening to be in a member´s house when he shows up with a friend who becomes and investigator, giving a Book of Mormon to someone who used to love it... Those are the best things. The little things that you can´t really predict and you can´t really measure.

Hna Romero, Cinthia, Hna Wilson

That is my favorite part of the mission.

I am happy and healthy and doing so great here in Campeche. I love being a missionary. And I love you all.   

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

Zona Campeche

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