Monday, October 19, 2015

Dogs, Interviews, & Missionaries


We had a good week! Lots of things happened:

President came to Campeche this week! And that meant three things:
1. We had interviews. I never know what to expect with interviews; last time we talked about how many tortillas I should eat, this time we talked about what brand of shoes I have... I love President. 
2. Hna Garcia checked our house. Which meant we cleaned REALLY well before. And we passed with flying colors. I think that´s because compared to the elders´ houses ours was a dream. 
3. Before interviews Tuesday Hna Garcia took me, Hna Romero, Hna Schmit, & Hna Allen to the mall to get ice cream and crepes. It was a great day...even if Hna Garcia almost fell trying to go down the up escalator. hahahha

I realized that last week I sent the really bad, awkward, we-weren´t-ready-for-the-picture picture.

I just want everyone to be aware that I still hate the dogs. I almost got eaten at least four times this week. Twice with Hna Allen in one day (we were on divisions...she has really bad luck with dogs), once with just Hna Romero and I, and once with two YW (who knows if they´ll ever come with us again). I hate them. They´re everywhere...Oh yeah, and they poop in front of our house every day. We´re not friends.  -_-  

We have an investigator who is progressing! He´s a really great 19 year old kid (I can say that becasue I´m old now), and he´s a reference from the members and he´s awesome. He´s coming to church, he´s reading his book, he´s keeping his commitments, and this Sunday all these return and future missionaries spoke and he really liked it. I´ll keep you all posted. :) 

Two missionaries came home in this ward this week, and Hna Armida finally got her mission call #MexicoPachuca! It was a glorious week of missionaries and missionary work, and i am so so so grateful for the priveledge (I don´t remember how to spell that word...) I have to be here serving a mission. There is nothing like serving the Lord; nothing better and nothing more important. It really is the best, happiest, hardest, most beautiful time of my life. 

I love the mission! I see miracles ALL the time, and I am so so so so happy. I know that this Church is true. I know that my Heavenly Father has a plan for me, and for every single one of His children.

I love you all!!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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