Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Tree, A Plant, & Some Weird Trust Exercise


Me & Hermana Rhondeau & Hermana Wells at the Temple.
So I'm pretty sure I'm living in a time warp because I'm headed to Mexico IN TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is that even possible? I could have sworn I've only been here for like a week, but we're supposed to get our travel plans TOMORROW! That is seriously insane to me. I'm so excited!!!...I'm also terrified because no hablo español.** Haha I'm ready to be a really missionary, and teach real people, but I'm also scared because there's a lot more at stake. I've gotten really comfortable here, I've got the MTC figured out and now I'm going to have figure out the mission field. So it's all terrifying, but I am SO excited! (Also it's cold here and I'm ready to be done with that nonsense.)

Me & Hermana Rhondeau & Hermana Wells at the Temple.
(**Reading that paragraph I realize that I don't really speak English either...Hah hopefully you get what I was trying to say.)

It was a good flew by! We taught Maribel this week about the Restoration and I said the First Vision -from memory in Spanish!- and it was like the coolest thing ever. The Spirit was so strong and then we were testifying and this bug (SPAWN OF SATAN) crawled on her arm and she freaked out.

And thus ended the little moment we were having... -_-

BUT, we got it back on track and it was super awesome and I just love Maribel...Unfortunately we don't get to teach her again because we got switched to another TRC investigator AGAIN!! (We're getting really good at teaching the first two lessons.) We're now teaching Olga who has had a lot of hard times in her life and doesn't really believe in God. It is the saddest thing for me to imagine a life without the hope of knowing you have a loving Heavenly Father, and so it is so hard to try and teach people that. I know He's real, and I just want them to know it too. But we're trying and we're teaching her again tomorrow and I think we're going to use President Uchtdorf's talk from the Saturday session of general conference. He's awesome. 

We had some really good devotionals this week. One was by a man who works in the media department and he showed us a sneak peek of what the Church is doing for Christmas. I'm not allowed to say much's going to be AWESOME so be looking forward to that! The other devotional was about Satan and how we know who is going to win the war. I love that. Why waste time fighting for the losing team?? We know how this is going to end so why not be on Heavenly Father and Jesus's side?? Also something I loved that he mentioned was that light dispels darkness. I thought a lot this week of how true that is, and what I think is really cool is that ANY amount of light dispels darkness. It doesn't matter how dark it is, if you can find the tiniest bit of light it will cut through the dark.

In other news, we had to do a weird companionship trust exercise where we closed our eyes and our companions directed us around the MTC - up stairs, down ramps, around poles - it was terrifying. I learned that Hermana Rhondeau is great at directions and I have trust issues (no surprise there) also I almost walked directly into an elder...awkward...We also found the tree that smells like cream soda.

You read that right.

The Cream Soda Tree.
It's a cream soda tree!! (I would say more like orange cream soda) It's real! It's not a myth or a prank. It's real. I sent pictures. :) On the subject of plants, we also have a district plant (since we're the oldest district now whaaa......?!) named Esperanza. Also supposedly I'm the jardinera...which is a dangerous thing for Esperanza. 

Poor Esparanza!
We got a new district of 10 elders yesterday, and Hermana Wells, Hermana Rhondeau, and I, and  Elder Peterson, and Elder Stout (the Zone leaders) welcomed them. It's weird to by the old ones now...I still feel like I should be one of the babies. Anyway... they seem like a nice group. Haha Oh and Elder Peterson and Elder Stout told them that since the MTC is holy ground they shouldn't wear their shoes inside....and they all took their shoes off. Poor elders. Hahah They'll figure it out eventually. :) 

Well it's been another great week at the MTC! I love you all! I love the gospel! I love being a missionary! I just love life. Hoy es el mejor dia de mi vida. Ten days to Mexico! Ha pray for me. Love you lots!!!

Vale la pena,

Hermana Wilson
Elder Lyons wearing my glasses...we wear the same prescription.
Hermana Rhondeau & I with our District
This is how Elder Lyons & Elder Evans feel about P-day.
Me, Hermana Rhondeau, Elder Lyons & Elder Hernandez

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