Monday, May 18, 2015

Eight, Rollercoasters, & Progress

Happy Birthday Mama!!! (Told you I´d send photos.) 
My dearest people,

Sometimes it´s an emotional rollercoaster to be a missionary. For example: 

-one day your investigator tells you that he heard a voice tell him that he needs to obey God and do the right things...and the next day you show up for your appointment and he´s not there, but then you find him around the corner drinking with his buddies

Guess who bought plastic shoes and tore her feet up this week....haha Don´t worry it looked worst than it felt. Makes for good pictures though.  
-one day your investigator who happens to live directly in front of the church tells you he can´t possibly go to church because he has a long-standing commitment with a friend who he owes money to...and then Sunday he shows up for church on his own after not teaching him for a week

-one day you have 11 apointments set up for the day....and then 9 fall through.....but then you have a lesson with a future missionary that reminds you exactly why you came out on the mission

Also, between emotional problems and low numbers I spent two back to back days in divisions in other areas this week. (Hah it was my turn to leave now that Hna Torres knows the area.) And let me just tell you, I learned some things.

1. We have a really nice house in Chuburná...cockroaches and all.
2. My hammock is more comfortable than other peoples´ hammocks.
3, Even when girls are missionaries there is still girl drama. -_-

But I also realized exactly how much I´ve grown here in the mission. I went back to the house that I went to the first time I had divisions with Hna Castro my first cambio here in the mission, and it was so weird to be there but in a completely different role. The first time I was a greenie following around my sister training leader and this time I was the sister training leader evaluating the area. It made me think about all the things that have changed these last 8 months (yes, I hit 8 months this week!!); I´m not scared to talk to people, things that used to frustrate me or make me mad I let roll off a lot easier, I´m learning to control my tongue, and even when they frustrate me to death; I really really love these people. The investigators, missionaries, everybody. 

It´s a weird feeling to be full of this much love. 

So even though the days sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, I´ve learned that it always always always ends on an upswing. Life here in the Yucatan is simple and beautiful (and hot). 

And I love it a lot. (hah that rhymed....)

I love you all! And I love being able to be a representative for my Savior here in Chuburná.

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana Wilson

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