Monday, December 21, 2015

La Navidad, Gemelas, & Otra Oportunidad


So it´s almost Christmas, and there´s a lot of things going on, so you´re all going to get a bullet point letter. 

-Everyone literally asks if we´re twins. I think we freak them out. It´s not often that you see two blue-eyed people walking down the street in Mérida.
-We got called angels by a street contact ("Pero...¿son terrenales?")
-We received our death letter.
The Death Letter....aka they told us we only have 2 changes left...
-We ate whole coconuts. 
-We listened to a lot of Christmas music. 
-I got a lot of blisters #thisshouldn´tkeephappening 
-I fell down once (I stepped off a curb)
-We got shots. #vacunas
-A man stopped us in the street to ask how he can join the Church...but he lives just outside our area. :( 

It was a really good week actually. I´m learning to love Quintero, and I really love Hna Rhondeau. (We´re still waiting for them to tell us it was a lie and to go back to our real companions) I am incredibly happy and even more happy because it is Christmas. 

And Christmas means family. And it means Christ. And it means hope. And it means a new beginning. Because through Him, we have the opportunity to start over again. To become who we were always meant to be. 


I love you all! Merry Christmas!!

¡Vale la pena!

Hermana  Wilson

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