Friday, May 9, 2014

The Decision to Serve

I never really planned on going on a mission. When I was younger I thought girls only went on missions if they couldn't get married...
Then when I was around 14 a speaker at a Youth conference asked the girls if we were preparing to serve missions. When she got a pretty resounding no, she asked us a question:
"Why not?"
She told us that we should all be preparing to serve missions.
And if we went, great.
If not, we were better prepared to be mothers and to help our children prepare to serve.
That seemed like a valid point to 14 year old me and so I began thinking about a mission.
Nothing very definite, just thinking and preparing.
And that went on for several years.
And then President Monson dropped the bomb.
Sisters could now serve at 19.
And so I...
was like that's cool. 
And moved on with my life.
So many sisters decided to serve at that exact moment, but not me.
But a mission was still floating around in my brain.
I graduated.
Went to college.
Then I decided I really needed to just pray about a mission 
and decide once and for all what I needed to do.
So I prayed about it,
And I got my answer.
But it wasn't yes.
It was more of a 
"You already know the answer to this. Of course you're going on a mission."
So now I'm going.
I told my mom and my best friend at my other best friend's farewell.
That may have not been the best choice...

But everything has worked out and now I'm going.
Best decision ever.

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